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Misbah Haque is the co-creator of Look Good Move Well, a podcast that broadcasts conversations with thought leaders in the fitness industry to tens of thousands of listeners. He is also a standup comedian performing every night on stages in Philadelphia, New Jersey, and New York. You can listen to his comedy podcast Purebred Weirdo.

He applies the qualities of curiosity and depth of connection to his coaching clients, blending art and science into a deep relationship that serves to optimize his clients’ potential.

In 2014, Misbah sustained a back injury that emotionally and mentally sidelined him from his training, as well as daily tasks. He remembers the pain he used to get from simple movements like getting out of the car.

He realized that sustainability and longevity meant continuing to be resilient, durable, and steadily improving with a bigger picture in mind. He then went down the rabbit hole of learning about movement, and developed a drive to talk to top coaches, athletes and anyone who was willing to offer a new lens to expand his thinking.

Misbah loves to use his creativity to recognize patterns, link ideas together, and see how aspects of his clients’ lives are connected.

By sparking curiosity in others, Misbah inspires a holistic approach to health, wellness, and fulfillment that optimizes overall performance in life and fosters a sense of trust and connectedness through coaching.


What others are saying...


Despite my 20+ years of exercising, training under the Revival Strength (RS) programme has certainly taken my physical fitness and mental understanding of efficient & effective training to a much different level. I have been in the programme just over a year now and (despite my initial skeptism), within a few months I genuinely began to enjoy training and saw results in a way that I was not expecting.

Having listened to the Look Good, Move Well podcast for a few months, I finally reached out to RS when I was forced to stop training given a lower back injury that became quite painful. I was at a loss as to how to recover and restart training safely. Enter….Misbah Haque. I was told Misbah had dealt with his own share of back injury recovery and I felt I was in good hands given his depth of knowledge I noted from the podcast.

Misbah’s programming helped me to continue training despite the injury, and allowed a safe, stable way to heal my back and bring my body to a stronger state than before. I initially thought of RS as a stepping stone to heal and then return to my previous modes of exercise, but after a few months it was clear for me this would be long term. In recognizing how beneficial the programming is for the entire physique, and the amount you can learn and grow from the one on one training makes the financial factor well worth it.

Misbah as a coach is extremely positive, patient, supportive, encouraging and enthusiastic. As I love to learn, I am grateful that he is always keen to answer the “why’s”, “why nots” & “how comes”…many of us ponder on throughout the programming in order to grow as athletes. The training also has so much variety which keeps it interesting. I also appreciate the way Misbah turns up and down the programming so you are challenged to achieve growth, while allowing recovery to avoid plateauing.

RS is a great programme and I have been very grateful to be part of it as I have the opportunity to continue gaining specialized attention to strengthen my weaknesses, take advantage of my strengths and avoid side lining injuries.

Remote Coaching Client, Kevin M.


Brighten my day

Really funny!! These quick comedy sketches crack me up and provide some needed laughter in these crazy times.

chalk2020, 04/24/2020


At long last— a comedy “bit” via podcast. Thanks for some great laughs while I had my morning coffee. Can’t wait to follow along!

JakeFishSpot, 04/22/2020


While I have never before written a review, much less a testimonial, I feel compelled to the sing the praise of Functional Body Building (FBB), Marcus Filly, and my personal coach, Misbah Haque.

By way of background, I am 49-year-old attorney with three kids, ages 3, 15, and 18. I work roughly 80 hours during the week, rarely have a weekend free of deadlines and conference calls, and, on a good day, commute a total of 3 hours to and from my office.

Fitness was never a part of my life until the latter part of high school, when I began aimlessly running long distances and lifting some weights. That continued through undergraduate, where I found myself running roughly 40-50 miles per week and weighing in at a scrawny 139 pounds. In law school and for many years that followed, the focus shifted to just getting “big” at any cost. As a result of a steady diet of weight gainer and glacier-paced lifting, I ballooned to nearly 180 pounds on my 5’6” frame.

From ages 30 to 35, I’m improved my diet, increased the cardio, and became a little “smarter” in my training until I discovered CrossFit in 2008. A friend and head of the physical training for state troopers turned me on to the Mainsite and I was hooked after the very first workout. For the next decade, I approached every workout with the same mindset – going as hard, heavy, and fast as I could. The first five of those years were spent in various affiliates with good intentions but minimal guidance and a competitive atmosphere that, for me, made weight and time the top priority. The second five were spent in my garage, where, despite all the equipment one could ever want, I programmed to my strengths, ignored my weaknesses, and routinely crashed-and-burned. Each workout became a chore with no real purpose or goal and left me feeling physically and emotionally depleted. Even worse, my 18-year-old began to blindly follow in my footsteps.

EVERYTHING changed a little over a year ago when a friend referred me to Marcus’ Instagram page and suggested I give FBB a shot. Admittedly, it took a few weeks to overcome the shame and embarrassment of talking to Marcus and highlight my many weaknesses and limitations despite years of “crossfitting” and, even worse, having to expose those weaknesses and limitations on film as part of the assessment. But that decision has proven to be truly life-changing in every meaningful respect.

• Since the very outset, Misbah has taken a sincere and committed interest in my development. Through daily messages and monthly videoconferences, we address my concerns, monitor my progress, and prepare for what is to come. I recognize that I’m not his only client, but it certainly feels that way.

The programming is ideal for any age or level of fitness. Through an endless array of movements and constantly varied volume and intensity, Misbah has drastically improved my mobility, created extraordinary anatomical awareness, and effectively begun rebuilding my body from the ground up. Like most “crossfitters,” I was initially skeptical of whether we were doing “enough.” But every workout provides its own challenges, pushing your body to new boundaries and leaving you with an overwhelming sense of accomplishment and purpose.

Because the goal is the “long game” and each work out is designed to achieve peak performance without burning you out, consistency is easy to achieve. Since last May, I have trained 5 days per week and never missed a single workout for any reason.

Thanks to Misbah’s patience and guidance, I have changed my entire outlook on my health and fitness. I’ve continually refined my diet to achieve maximum performance, implemented a steady regimen of productive mobility exercises and recovery techniques, developed better sleeping habits, become more aware of the importance of hydration, and appreciate that less is often more. As I approach 50, I’m easily in the best shape of my life, not just in terms of strength and metabolic capacity, but far more important measures, such as stability, flexibility, balance, heart rate, and body fat.

Even more profound is the dramatic impact that FBB has had outside of the garage. By fully committing the first hours of my day (5:30 – 7:30 a.m.) to the program, I am better able to focus on the other aspects of my life, such as my family and my job – and better equipped to manage and overcome the daily impediments – stress, angst, and anxiety – that used to hold me back.

As cliché as it may be, there are no works to express my gratitude to FBB, Marcus, and Misbah for the value and knowledge they have delivered. I look forward to continuing the “long game” with them for decades to come.

Remote Coaching Client, Kevin M.


Greatly open minded & engaging

Misbah has a great sense of asking the right questions to the right people.

His podcast is very informative, engaging and overall entertaining. Just love listening to it.


Miz Unfiltered.png
Miz Unfiltered.png

Great guests, Quality Host

Misbah is a very intelligent speaker and very knowledgeable in the field of health and fitness. He is very open-minded which allows for great variety in his podcasts. The guests on the Airborne Mind are nothing less than fascinating!



Listen Good. Learn Well.

Marcus and Misbah are some of the most relatable and knowledgeable guys I have ever come across. The content they provide is nothing less than extraordinary and you can see their true passion and reasoning through everything they do. I personally aspire to be like these men in more ways than one. Every episode of this podcast is definitely worth a listen..or two. Can’t wait to see what the future of Look Good. Move Well. provides. Highly recommended!

Tydbshwbebhhhdgsy, 03/21/2018



Close your eyes if you will,

Now imagine your a function fitness athlete,coach, or anything related to the fitness world. And you get the opportunity to get invited to a chance to have to sit with well seasoned coach’s and athletes and listen in on their conversations about the bits and bolts that got them to where they are today and that’s what you get when you listen to Misbah and Marcus. They are a excellent source of knowledge with welcoming attitudes and personalities. Do yourself a favor and give it a listen.

bdw91, 03/30/2018


Fantastic Podcast

So interesting listening to Marcus and Misbah. You can tell they’re truly interested in the topics they are discussing. Tons of information to be absorbed from these as well! I highly recommend to any listeners in the fitness industry!

Mitchell Yaffee, 03/22/2018

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Engaging content!

Since I began listening to the podcast several weeks ago, I have found so many oportunites to incorporate topics discussed on the show into my life. Love listening to the podcast as I bike to work. It's made me rethink my daily habits and training. Keep up the awesome work!

Lizbearlifts, 12/06/2017


One of my favorite fitness potcast
I was blown away not just by the contents of the podcast, but his mindset and life style. As I listened to the airborne mind show, it became one of my favorite fitness podcast. It has a lot of useful information for those new to the fitness and also keeps me motivated!

scotter92, 10/19/2017

Miz Unfiltered.png
Miz Unfiltered.png

Sincere and On Point

Great content. Clearly coming from an authentic desire to serve. A good fit for anyone that resonates with the power of physical training as a means for deep personal growth.

Just.a.dude, 09/03/2017


A must!

I started listening to the Airborne Mind beginging with eposide #48 Training your Focus & Attention w/Calvin Sun and I haven't missed one since! Misbah gets such a varity of experts on the show, and I always take away something new, or interesting!

Teena.Christman, 09/01/2017

Miz Unfiltered.png


I've been listening to Misbah for quite awhile now and can say that it's one of my, if not my favorite fitness podcast out there. He delivers the best guests, topics, questions, and thought provoking ideas. He always does his research before interviewing guests and never has that awkward "uh, ok, what do I talk about next" pause. He's always on top of it and the podcast flows well. Misbah is a good dude and I'm always excited for the next episode to release. Check it out.

kholl5953, 06/27/2017


One of my favorite Podcasts

Let me preface my review with the fact that I only really listen to 'Barbell Shrugged' podcasts, until I found Misbah's podcast. I have listen to 10+ shows and I have really enjoyed most of them.

Misbah is a good host and asks questsions in a way that get a good, detailed, percise answer from the guest. These make for stimulating podcasts that challenge the way I think. On top of that, he has GREAT guests. People who are challenging themseleves, their fitness, industry norms, and the world as we know it.

My favoirte episdoes are probably the ones with Brian Mckenzie, Marcus Filly, and Julien Pineau.

MileHighBuff, 06/27/2017

Miz Unfiltered.png

Authentic topics, great variety of guests
I've really enjoyed listening to Misbah on the Airborne Mind. His topics make you think and challenge yourself and he connects because he applies those themes to his own life and shares those experiences. Also a great variety of guests on the podcast.

bco86, 06/27/2017


Absolutely worth the time!

A fantastic podcast filled with top of the game Strength and conditioning personnel, those who are popular and those who less well known. Misbah asks thoughtful questions and allows the speakers to communicate with the listeners on a level that is hard to find in podcasts. Thank you Misbah for your hard work and dedication to sharing information.

BearCrawlsHeal, 08/18/2017


Best Podcast Out There
Such a valuable podcast channel. I first started listening in November 2016 and have been following along ever since then. I can, and have, spent hours listening to the podcasts on this channel. Easy listening, chalk full of amazing information. It's so engaging and entertaining.

Grüntís, 08/23/2017


kkcrossfitmedstudent, 08/30/2017

Episode 55

This episode was absolutely fantastic! SO many nuggets. What I really loved (so much I paused the podcast to come write this) is how important it is to know your client. seeing a 2000m row and 50 strict pull ups will shut some down, but some will love it--discussing how you need to individualize things to get the best results for each person. This is just like family medicine. As a 4th year medical student I do this every day. some patients come in ready for a life change all at once and some you need to attack piece by piece--same problem, different approaches, and being able to see that, being able to connect with your clients, or in my case patients, is what will always set someone apart. Anyone can follow cookie cutter programming or cookie cutter guidelines, but the ART of medicine or of training or of whatever it is you do comes from the individual who can see the cookie cutters for what they are-GUIDELINES, and then make it work for each person in it's own way. This was a fantastic episode Misbah, keep em coming!


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