🎙 I help fitness professionals launch a podcast that connects them with 2-4 pre-sold clients in 3 months. 🚀


Over the course of 3 months, we’ll make podcasting a client acquisition channel with this 4-phase plan:

Phase #1

Podcast Positioning Analysis

Phase #2

Launch to Library

Phase #3

Producing Targeted Downloads

Phase #4

Pre-sold Client Optimization

"Greatly open minded and engaging.

Misbah has a great sense of asking the right questions to the right people.

His podcast is very informative,engaging and overall entertaining. Just love listening to it."


"I owe a substantial bulk of this change to Misbah for enabling me to see what I could not, empowering me to believe in who I am, and propelling me closer  towards the best version of myself.

Peter T.


We've 2 packages available for where you are at in your business and content creation goal.



60min Coaching and Recording Session - every 2 weeks

One Year Customized Content Calendar

Action items between our calls attacking your biggest bottlenecks

Help with building out operating procedures for your production

Data-driven optimization for getting presold clients

A personalized, sustainable schedule to keep creating and publishing beyond our work together

Personalized platform strategy

Improving your offer to align with your content

Holding your hand through the launch & growth phases

Online support with anything you get stuck on

PRICE: $1500 for 3 month package




60min Coaching and Recording Session - every 2 weeks

Fully edited 30min episodes created from your raw material (or I help you record if you're a little nervous)

Removal of background noise and improved sound quality

Edit out awkward moments so you can feel fully free when you are recording

Add intro and outro music and sponsor reads

Publish 1 episode per week on YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and all the other platforms

Repurpose podcast video and audio into a blog post

Transcribe each episode to leverage SEO

Creative titles and captions for each episode

2 shareable video clips with captions per episode for Instagram,  Facebook, LinkedIn, etc

PRICE: $3,000 for 3 month package


How Casey used

systems to take

quantum leaps

If you're

on the fence

about working

with us...


I've been listening to Misbah for quite awhile now and can say that it's one of my, if not favorite podcast out there. He delivers the best guests, topics, questions, and thought provoking ideas. He always does his research before interviewing guests and never has that awkward "uh, ok, what do I talk about next" pause. He's always on top of it and the podcast flows well. Misbah is a good dude and I'm always excited for the next episode to release. Check it out.


Sincere and On point.
Great fit for anyone that resonates with the power of physical training as a means for deep personal growth.


Down to earth useful. So many podcasts speak above their audience's heads so it is difficult to relate. These podcasts do not fall into that trap. Though I can't relate to everything, the information is much more applicable and personal so I will listen and keep coming back for more. Misbah has a great podcast voice and is very easy to listen to. You can tell he's done his research and homework and only wants to help you better yourself in any way possible. No arrogance or superiority just genuine care. Keep it up.


Hey 👋🏽 I’m the creator of and


I'm also the podcast of Miz Unfiltered.

That led me to produce and co-host a podcast called Look Good Move Well with Marcus Filly.


Listeners regularly became clients that trusted me with their fitness. And that was an honor. I got to personally coach 70+ clients in over 15+ countries.

I've also designed programming for several gyms across the globe.


I've met the coolest fitness clients through these shows. Cirque de Soleil performers, professional baseball player, board executives, gym owners, etc.


Now I produce podcasts for fitness professionals that help them get 2-4 pre-sold clients in 3 months.



Welcome to my $1 slice of the internet.


9 Seasons of Awesomeness Co-Hosting with Marcus



What made Dan & Elise take the leap to work with Miz

Let's build your "operating systems"


It’s hard for us to talk about ourselves sometimes. So not only do I pull a story out of you like I do with my podcast guests. But you’ll leave with tangible ways to leverage these stories.

Hate being on camera?

Okay let me show you how to feel confident and useful on video and audio.

Hate writing?

Okay let me show you how to feel confident and useful on video and audio.

I’ve had countless guests tell me how it was so easy to talk to me. They asked for clips afterwards so they could share it to their audiences.

I realized that the trick to pulling out the best stories is to ask the right questions.

And so what this is going to do is allow you to sit back and talk freely while we capture your 4 stories.

And I, as a podcaster and stand up comedian who has spent insane amounts of time failing and learning in public, what I do is pull out the real gems for “the ‘you’ show”. I have a trained ear for what threads to pull on.

So what I’ve done is I’ve set up a space for us to connect if you are ready to get higher quality clients through building your Catalag Closer.

So what I’ve done is I’ve set up a space for us to connect if you are ready to get higher quality clients through building your Catalag Closer.

Adam’s magical ROI of Catalog Closer

How content created conversations for Adam’s coaching business


Everyone has a podcast.

For good reason. And everyone will. So why don’t you have one yet?

I don’t want to put out garbage content

I’m glad we’re on the same pager in this department. Our system for crafting content is intentionally designed to bring quality to the table. We know that helping you create garbage...will also bring us garbage.

Do I have to be on Instagram or social media?

Not at all. But it certainly helps. Your speed of progress and ability to hit these ideal benchmarks will depend on your existing sphere of influence and what tools you’re willing to use. I can get you clients without it if that is important to you.

How often do I have to be posting in order to grow?

I would say 1-2 podcast episodes per week. But then 5-7 social media posts promoting those larger episodes would be ideal. The minimum amount you’d need to stay visible is about 3 posts per week.

How many downloads can I get?

Growth is very slow if you’re starting from scratch. Especially in the first 6 months. Your listeners need time to build a relationship with you. Downloads are cool, but we are tracking other metrics like appointments booked per week, website traffic, and so forth.

What am I gonna talk about?

The things that allow you to showcase your unique abilities while serving the people you seek to serve. You will get a thorough explanation of how craft this content even if you feel like you have nothing to say.

Can I use FB/IG ads?

For sure. I can help you strategize the best way to utilize your budget and drive down lead costs.

What kind of equipment do I need?

I will personalize this based on your budget, needs, and goals. A mic, headphones, camera, and a recorder of some sort is really all you need. I can show you what cost-effective tools to use. And also where to go if you’re looking for a premium studio setup.

How long will it take me to see clients?

If you’re compliant with my system at least 80% of the time, then 3 months.

What kind of ROI do you normally see?

This will depend on the price point of your offers, existing database, speed of implementation, and so on. But for example, if you get 2-4 clients @ $300 / month = $600-1200 / month.


How long do you normally retain clients? If you said 6 months, then the lifetime value of that client is $3,600-7,200.


But if that’s your main concern, I would stop right now. Because you need to buckle in for a long game to really reap the benefits of the Catalog Closer. 


Paying for media production is 100% worth it for me over paying for an ad or some new business cards. This content will work for you in the months and years to come if you play your cards right.

Can I switch from STRATEGY to IMPLEMENTATION? Or vice versa?

Yes you can. I support whatever is going to be the best fit for your budget, goals, and improving  the rate of progress.

How much is it?

For a 3 month Strategy Package, it’s $1500. For a 3 month Implementation package, it’s $3,000.

Do you offer discounts?

Yup! We do 3 and 6 month packages to offer large discounts to reward committed action takers. If you pay in full, you get 15% off.

Are the payments monthly?

Yes. Unless you decide to pay in full.

Is there a contract?

Nope. You can cancel anytime. I just ask for a 30 day cancellation. I want you to stay in this as long as it benefits you. If you like our work, let’s keep this rolling. I do enjoy partnering with people long term. But I also am training you to not need me at a certain point.


You do need a minimum of 90 days to really see some success. If you are looking for  something faster, this may not be the best fit for you.

I’m not ready now, but maybe a few months from now.

That’s totally fine! But you will still have to get your ‘bad reps’ out of the way at some point. Why not start chipping away at it now? A catalog takes time to build and you could have your first 10 episodes done in a few months.


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