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"I realized we’ve crossed the 1 year mark!!! It’s amazing how much I’ve grown/changed/developed in a year. Wins are:

  • sleeping 8 hrs/night for months on end

  • overall great energy (so much progress from the “I think I have dementia” fatigue I was experiencing last summer)

  • feel super strong - legless rope climbs and strict MUs!

  • guard rails to catch myself before get to far in the red for too long

  • arsenal of recovery practices for getting back to green

  • got injuries mostly all healed, now just working on mobility stuff

  • lots of fun!

  • feeling of confidence and balance outside the gym (kayaking, playing soccer, playing with kids)

  • excitement about fitness for the long term (instead of feeling like I was wrecking my body with CrossFit. . .)

  • an amazing stability anchor and rhythm in my life

Been so awesome and can’t thank you enough!!!

Adam Chalker, M.Ed, PCC

Pinehurst, NC
Owner & Executive Coach, GreenLead Solutions LLC
Adjunct Faculty, Georgetown University Institute for Transformational Leadership

"Before I started individual program design I only knew one size fits all training. That is to say I did programs like brute strength and invictus. Those programs are quite good but they are not designed for a specific individual. Instead they are designed for a hypothetical athlete.

I myself am not a hypothetical athlete by any means. I am significantly lighter than the typical male crossfit competitor. As a result one size fits all training chronically pushed my body into an over trained state.

With individual design I was able to find a program for me. I've started to progress at a greatly accelerated pace due to the simple fact that I'm not chronically over trained.

On a seperate note functional body building has changed the way I train and what my goals are. Before I found FB the only thing that mattered to me was how much weight was on the bar and how fast I could run a mile.

Those goals were completely wrong (though completely typical) and extremely one dimensional. FB has taught me that the way you move matters. If you can move correctly everything changes. You will as a byproduct lift more weight and run faster but at its core that is not what matters.

By focusing on the way I move I am able to safeguard my entire body and it's functionality. I safe guard it today and by establishing affective, anatomically correct motor patterns I also safe guard it for the rest of my life.

Today when I show up at a competition be it a marathon or a crossfit event, the main thing I look at is movement. So FB has shown me what intelegent goals look like and

 has given me an affective tool to reach those goals. Heavy weight is a byproduct of affective movement. Movement is not simply some side show that can be ignored.

Also: in my opinion, before FB existed there was not a sustainable and safe way to train the crossfit athlete. Unless you were naturally flexible with an extremely high level of motor control crossfit was going to be inherently unsafe because it espoused a philosophy built around running before you could walk." 

Alex Edwards
Chicago, IL

While I have never before written a review, much less a testimonial, I feel compelled to the sing the praise of Functional Body Building (FBB), Marcus Filly, and my personal coach, Misbah Haque.

By way of background, I am 49-year-old attorney with three kids, ages 3, 15, and 18. I work roughly 80 hours during the week, rarely have a weekend free of deadlines and conference calls, and, on a good day, commute a total of 3 hours to and from my office.

Fitness was never a part of my life until the latter part of high school, when I began aimlessly running long distances and lifting some weights. That continued through undergraduate, where I found myself running roughly 40-50 miles per week and weighing in at a scrawny 139 pounds. In law school and for many years that followed, the focus shifted to just getting “big” at any cost. As a result of a steady diet of weight gainer and glacier-paced lifting, I ballooned to nearly 180 pounds on my 5’6” frame.

From ages 30 to 35, I’m improved my diet, increased the cardio, and became a little “smarter” in my training until I discovered CrossFit in 2008. A friend and head of the physical training for state troopers turned me on to the Mainsite and I was hooked after the very first workout. For the next decade, I approached every workout with the same mindset – going as hard, heavy, and fast as I could. The first five of those years were spent in various affiliates with good intentions but minimal guidance and a competitive atmosphere that, for me, made weight and time the top priority. The second five were spent in my garage, where, despite all the equipment one could ever want, I programmed to my strengths, ignored my weaknesses, and routinely crashed-and-burned. Each workout became a chore with no real purpose or goal and left me feeling physically and emotionally depleted. Even worse, my 18-year-old began to blindly follow in my footsteps.

EVERYTHING changed a little over a year ago when a friend referred me to Marcus’ Instagram page and suggested I give FBB a shot. Admittedly, it took a few weeks to overcome the shame and embarrassment of talking to Marcus and highlight my many weaknesses and limitations despite years of “crossfitting” and, even worse, having to expose those weaknesses and limitations on film as part of the assessment. But that decision has proven to be truly life-changing in every meaningful respect.

Since the very outset, Misbah has taken a sincere and committed interest in my development. Through daily messages and monthly videoconferences, we address my concerns, monitor my progress, and prepare for what is to come. I recognize that I’m not his only client, but it certainly feels that way.

The programming is ideal for any age or level of fitness. Through an endless array of movements and constantly varied volume and intensity, Misbah has drastically improved my mobility, created extraordinary anatomical awareness, and effectively begun rebuilding my body from the ground up. Like most “crossfitters,” I was initially skeptical of whether we were doing “enough.” But every workout provides its own challenges, pushing your body to new boundaries and leaving you with an overwhelming sense of accomplishment and purpose.

Because the goal is the “long game” and each work out is designed to achieve peak performance without burning you out, consistency is easy to achieve. Since last May, I have trained 5 days per week and never missed a single workout for any reason.

Thanks to Misbah’s patience and guidance, I have changed my entire outlook on my health and fitness. I’ve continually refined my diet to achieve maximum performance, implemented a steady regimen of productive mobility exercises and recovery techniques, developed better sleeping habits, become more aware of the importance of hydration, and appreciate that less is often more. As I approach 50, I’m easily in the best shape of my life, not just in terms of strength and metabolic capacity, but far more important measures, such as stability, flexibility, balance, heart rate, and body fat.

Even more profound is the dramatic impact that FBB has had outside of the garage. By fully committing the first hours of my day (5:30 – 7:30 a.m.) to the program, I am better able to focus on the other aspects of my life, such as my family and my job – and better equipped to manage and overcome the daily impediments – stress, angst, and anxiety – that used to hold me back.

As cliché as it may be, there are no works to express my gratitude to FBB, Marcus, and Misbah for the value and knowledge they have delivered. I look forward to continuing the “long game” with them for decades to come."

Kevin M.
New Jersey

When starting with online/remote coaching I didn’t really know how well it would suit me...

Would i get a generic programme?

Would it fit my needs for how I move or understand any previous injuries etc?

When talking to Marcus and then Misbah i instantly felt a mutual understanding for what I wanted and needed and what was expected of me to get the best out of coach/client relationship remotely

I recently retired from playing professional rugby and my body and my training was always specified to excel at my sport..

This doesn’t always mean that it’s the best for longevity or best for health and movement. The #lookgoodmovewell resonated with me going forward with my training and something I was looking forward to getting my teeth into

With being an athlete from young age I always had a need for performance and something i still want in my training but not to the detriment of my body, energy levels and health.

I expressed this across to both Marcus and Misbah and both understood fully what I wanted..

Push me hard but also slow me down when needed! Was my message as I know I can go to much. what’s the point in adding an extra 10kg to your deadlift or back squat if your back or joints ache 2 days later!

When I started on my journey I already had some good awareness of how my body moved but now a year in my focus and understanding of how I move is so much better

Something simply as an overhead press was something I couldn’t do as a “rugby player” my shoulders would feel creaky and painful!

A year in of coaching, handstands and heavy overhead presses are a staple in my programmes and dare say do them with ease 😉

I’ve enjoyed the process of working through functional bodybuilding progressions and as my body progressed so did my education for movements and a deep understanding of the what’s and whys of certain progressions

This led over to my practices as a coach myself and helped with my individual clients.

I’m now a busy dad and this was something I also had some worries about starting.. how would I fit in my training? And would the Training take away from life or add to it

6-7 months in as a dad and there has been some alterations to my training schedule and times and this has fully fitted into my life in the gym and now In my back garden playground whilst gyms are closed.

My energy levels are great and my movement and fitness levels are fantastic!

I’ve never been a fan of running as playing rugby for nearly 20 years I was pretty much over long running and conditioning that way

I was blown away when running a 5k recently and my time was as good as when I was training hard on the running side when conditioning for rugby

I put this down to the smooth mixed model progressions I enjoy and look forward to completing. These professions don’t burn me out but build me enough to keep my fitness levels at a level I am happy with!

Overall a year is flown by and a i feel vigorous and healthy.. my focus of body composition is not an importance as it once was although i feel confident with how I look and from feeling a little burnt out a year ago and a little on the “skinny” side in my head, with my overall performance improving I also noticed some definite muscle build

Which has certainly added to my full review of a productive and enjoyable year!

Adam N.

Bolton, England