I'm looking for 3 aspiring coaches or trainers who want to get their first 5 clients. If this is you, please fill out the form below. All eligible applications will be contacted by phone.

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We set up a time to do a video call and block off 60 minutes to answer any questions you have to help you get your first 5 clients.

This can be anything from:

  • program design

  • remote coaching

  • developing systems

  • authentically selling you

  • assessing a client

  • coaching/consulting techniques

  • habit development

  • online marketing

  • best education moves

  • growth strategy

  • business models

  • you name it

We're going to focus on the elements that will help take your career to the next level.

If it's a good fit for you, we can talk about ongoing sessions. But my goal will be to equip you with action items and a mental model that you can take with you from this one call.

If that’s something you’re interested in, fill out the application above.

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