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Coaches: Get your first 5 clients

There's only one difference between an "aspiring" fitness coach and a "real" one...

It's not a bajillion specialty training certifications.

It's not big fancy names on a resume.

It's not the perfect abs.

It's not even a website.

It's clients. 🤑

"Real" coaches know how to:

HAVE CONFIDENT CONSULTATION CALLS and get paying clients without feeling like a phony

EARN CLIENT TRUST with questions that help paint the bigger picture and get them measurable results

DESIGN 6-WEEK PROGRAMS for beginners who are looking to lose weight

GET RAVING TESTIMONIALS from the first 5 clients to excite the next 50

The "First 5" mini-course includes step-by-step video guides to equip fitness coaches with all the tools (and exact language!) they need to get their first 5 clients.

I created it for free because I believe that anyone who is truly an ASPIRING coach has what it takes... become REAL.

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