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A Pure Gymnast's Perspective On Owning Your Movement w/ Travis Ewart

Travis Ewart, Invictus Gymnastics Coach, joins us today for a pretty entertaining conversation. He is a USA Gymnastics Coaching professional who has worked with 4-year-olds all the way to top Games Athletes. The perspective you're about to hear is so unique because it's coming from a pure gymnast.

It was a blast getting to understand his thought process around things like making body shapes, the connection of speed, the debate around Hollow Body position, and so much more. If you want to prepare your body to handle high-volume gymnastics and understand some programming principles for doing so, this episode is for you.

Show Notes:

  • (3:45) - Growing up around gymnastics

  • (9:29) - Ownership of movement

  • (11:20) - Getting started at Invictus

  • (17:11) - Helping the Games' athletes tweak their gymnastics game

  • (20:00) - L-Sits and core strength

  • (24:00) - Making body shapes

  • (30:55) - The debate around Hollow Body position

  • (33:00) - Connection of speed

  • (36:00) - Preparing your body to handle high volume gymnastics

  • (38:40) - Handstand Push-up Density Test

  • (43:45) - Programming for gymnastics

Resources we may have talked about:

  • Invictus Gymnastics Program

How you can connect with Travis:

  • Instagram: @coachtravis

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