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Banned Substances Every Athlete Needs To Know Before Competing w/ Calvin Sun

Calvin Sun is a Senior Coach and Director of Informational Products at Invictus Fitness. He is the co-author of the best-selling book, The Invictus Mindset. He’s also written a book that takes an evidence-based approach called Post Workout Supplementation. This time we talk about his latest body of work: 12 Banned Substances That Every Athlete Needs To Know Before Competing. We talk about the not-so-obvious substances, legalization of CBD oil, doping scandals, optimizing sleep, and so much more.

  • (9:04) - Not so obvious

  • (14:40) - Adderall

  • (17:55) - Bigger picture

  • (20:50) - CBD Oil

  • (25:27) - Alcohol

  • (28:00) - Getting caught years later

  • (30:50) - Doping scandals

  • (34:10) - Gaining every little advantage you can

  • (38:22) - Slight edge

  • (41:03) - Sleep

  • (51:50) - Workaholic culture

Resources we may have talked about:

  • 12 Banned Substances Every Athlete Needs To Know Before Competing

  • CalmBoost - Amazon

  • https://boosthealthusa.com

  • #48 - Training Your Focus & Attention w/ Calvin Sun

How you can connect w/ Calvin:

  • Instagram: @_calvinsun

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