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Beating Drug Addiction, Winning The Games, Building An Empire w/ Michael Cazayoux

Michael Cazayoux is the CEO of Brute Strength and has his own podcast where he dives inside the minds of top performers. Cazayoux can run a mile in 5:09, can deadlift 500 lbs, and has a 2:02 Fran. If you've ever struggled with making a change in your life, pay close attention to how Mike turned his entire life around. His story is sure to get you fired up.

In this episode we talk about:

  • The origins, operations, and vision for Brute Strength

  • Mike's empowering story about his battle with drug addiction and keeping promises to yourself

  • How he went from planning a career in selling pills to winning the '12 and '13 CrossFit Affiliate Word Cup

Show Notes:

  • How Brute Strength got started (3:00)

  • Biggest challenge for people doing remote coaching (5:17)

  • Getting coached online (7:50)

  • Hardest part behind running an online business (11:00)

  • Biggest cost to doing what you love (13:35)

  • The importance of creating a sacred support system (15:10)

  • A day in the life (20:15)

  • Does fitness change after retiring from competing? (22:35)

  • Biggest takeaway from being an athlete and winning the Games (25:00)

  • The story behind Mike’s battle with drug addiction (26:40)

  • The first catalyst behind the road to recovery (31:20)

  • Zen N’ Juice (36:00)

  • Biggest lesson learned from a guest on Brute’s podcast (39:10)

  • Biggest influences (45:40)

  • If you had to start over, and had one year to live, what would you do to get back to where you are? (49:40)

Resources we talked about:

How you can connect with Mike:

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