• Misbah Haque

Beyond Macros w/ Matthew Walrath

The hardest part of living a healthy lifestyle is more than lifting heavy weights. It also needs a foundation of nutrition to support your goals. My guest, Matthew Walrath came by to discuss the importance of using food to fuel the body with better energy to support a healthy lifestyle. He is the owner of Beyond Macros, a leading nutrition coaching platform to help people focus on quality food. We talk about evaluating food templates, food culture in different parts of the world, and so much more.

Show Notes:

  • (4:50) - Inspiring journey

  • (6:44) - Food culture

  • (11:11) - Foundation of nutrition

  • (20:24) - Evaluating food template

  • (24:16) - Fueling the body

  • (29:29) - Creating change within the nutrition

  • (37:21) - Childhood trauma

  • (43:58) - Beyond Macros

  • (54:37) - Rapid fire

  • (1:01:14) - Taking a leap

  • (1:07:13) - Growth mindset

Resources we may have talked about:

  • Beyond Macros

  • Beyond Macros Podcast

How you can connect with Matthew:

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