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Beyond The Athlete w/ Sarah Loogman

Sarah Loogman competed at the CrossFit Games this year with Team Invictus. I've had the opportunity to watch her coach and nerd out on movement. She's currently traveling and teaching seminars with Julien Pineau and the strongest team. Aside from chatting about what goes into her competitive career, the inner nerd in Sarah comes out. Part of what really drew me to bring her on the show was her wide variety of interests outside of the gym. We talk about her taste in books, travel, writing, nose breathing, and much more. I enjoyed hearing her stories, especially around her upbringing in such a different environment. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

Show Notes:

  • (5:44) - Individual vs Team competitions

  • (11:00) - Travel

  • (17:30) - The Spark

  • (21:00) - Change and Mentorship

  • (30:23) - Chronic Pain

  • (36:17) - Training rotation

  • (38:00) - Nose Breathing

  • (42:49) - Mindfulness

  • (47:32) - Training the brain

  • (58:52) - Writing

  • (1:01:08) - Nutrition practices

Resources we may have talked about:

  • Halo Neuroscience

  • Compex

  • Stealing Fire

  • Living The Best Day Ever

  • Tipping Point

  • #9 – StrongFit | Training Yourself To Feel Less Pain And Handle Extreme Discomfort w/ Julien Pineau

  • https://www.strongfit.com

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