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Body Image, Intuitive Eating, and Self Discovery w/ Anthony Mihelich

Anthony Mihelich joins us today to talk about his journey as a coach and athlete. He is a coach here at Revival Strength and coached by Marcus Filly. We talk about a few things today that I believe should get more air time in the online world. Body image, intuitive eating, and learning through unconventional ways. Anthony shares his experience with traveling to Thailand, immersing himself in the competitor lifestyle, and my favorite -- the master cleanse.

Show Notes:

  • (10:13) - Thailand

  • (14:20) - Training with Marcus

  • (17:04) - Coaching

  • (19:55) - Learning

  • (24:31) - Your environment

  • (27:50) - Competitor lifestyle

  • (33:41) - Body Image

  • (41:05) - Letting go of numbers

  • (47:35) - Master Cleanse

Resources we may have talked about:

  • Rich Dad Poor Dad

  • Game Of Thrones

How you can connect w/ Anthony:

  • https://revival-strength.com

  • Instagram: @amihelich

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