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Bringing Joy To The World Through The Barbell w/ Travis Mash

Powerlifting World Champion and Olympic Weightlifting coach, Travis Mash, joins us today to talk about some of the learnings he's had since episode #3. He’s been coaching athletes for over 21 years from all walks of life. He’s worked with NFL players, Olympic Weightlifters, Powerlifters, and athletes across many other disciplines. Travis is known for shifting paradigms and doing big things to grow the sport of Weightlifting that we love so much. We talk about youth/teen development, what conversations with athletes might look like outside of programming, bar speed, overtraining, business, and so much more.

Show notes:

  • (7:06) - Training Youth vs. Adults

  • (13:31) - Change in Routine

  • (17:08) - Performance Zone

  • (24:26) - Overtraining

  • (30:12) - Chinese Weightlifting

  • (34:00) - Evaluating Mistakes

  • (43:36) - Creative Content

  • (55:05) - Bringing Joy

Resources we may have talked about:

  • "Do What You Want" Ebook

  • #3 – SquatEveryday, Eliminating The Right Weaknesses, and Producing Monster Youth Athletes w/ Travis Mash

How you can connect with Travis:

  • https://www.mashelite.com

  • Instagram: @masheliteperformance

  • Instagram: @coachtravismash

  • Facebook

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