• Misbah Haque

Connection Between the Flow States and Suffering

This week I talk about some of Steven Kotler's work regarding flow states and how it connects for me with training, podcasting, coaching, and beyond. What also sparked this episode was my conversation with Dr. Galpin discussing some of the pearls from his new book, Unplugged.

You'll get my thoughts on a snippet of this conversation regarding the concept of eliminating stress through technology and the 30,000 ft view of how this impacts our physiology. Not only am I excited to air the full episode in a few weeks, but I'm looking forward to the message of Unplugged reaching more people.

If the concepts in the book sit well with you, the BEST compliment you can give to help support Dr. Galpin and Brian Mackenzie's new piece of art right now is to leave a review on Amazon. It's funny how sometimes this plays an even bigger role to spread the message times than the overall sales of the book.

So if you appreciate this mind-expanding body of work that these gentlemen have poured their energy into, help support it by taking a few minutes to leave your thoughts.

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