• Misbah Haque

Creativity and Connection w/ Misbah Haque

Today's episode is a cross cast of a recent WCA Podcast episode. Misbah Haque is the man behind The Airborne Mind Show, a podcast that broadcasts conversations with thought leaders in the fitness industry. He is also a coach at Revival Strength, an OPEX Gym here in San Rafael where he works with clients from around the world, helping them achieve their health and fitness goals. Misbah uses his coaching as a creative outlet, along with other creative expressions in fitness, movement, and most recently- standup comedy.

In this episode we sat down with Misbah to talk about the start of The Airborne Mind, and where he plans to take it. We also talk about Misbah’s newest venture into standup comedy, and how else he enjoys expressing creativity.

You can find Misbah here:


You can listen to the WCA Podcast here:



Gabriel Yanez: @_gabeyanez

Arielle Bloom: @ariesunshiinee

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