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Divorcing The Outcome and Marrying The Process w/ Bryce Smith

Today is the one-year anniversary of The Airborne Mind Show. Couldn't be happier to have someone like Bryce Smith to share this conversation with. He grew up playing basketball which led him to pursue the sport in Sweden for a little while. He's a coach at CrossFit Invictus with a really interesting philosophy. Bryce believes in animalistic styled training that turns the gym into an adult playground. His ability to blend play and grunt work together is admirable. Bryce is an adventurer at heart and strives to use training as a way to paint a picture to see the relationship to life. We share a bunch of stories where we talk about being better than yesterday, creating deeper relationships with clients, rewriting your narrative, and so much more.

Show Notes:

  • (9:50) - Adult playground

  • (13:05) - Hiring process at Invictus

  • (16:40) - Bringing the best out of people

  • (18:42) - Intrinsic "why"

  • (24:15) - Leaving the smallest possible footprint

  • (26:46) - Better than yesterday

  • (32:30) - Creating deeper relationships with clients

  • (41:20) - Be the hero of your own movie

  • (51:20) - Eliciting "emotion"

  • (1:03:35) - Giving people the most valuable asset we possess

Resources we may have talked about:

  • Extreme Ownership

  • Playing For Pizza

  • Never Let Go

  • Shoe Dog

How you can connect with Bryce:

  • Instagram: @therealbrycesmith

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