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Do I need a website in 2021?

Updated: Jun 11


Hey everybody today, I want to get into websites. You might be wondering how important is it for you as a coach, a freelancer, a solo preneur to have an actual website, you might have a really good Instagram following, or you might do a lot of business on Facebook or through referrals. So it's like, is it really worth it to have something extra on the internet that you have to maintain? Totally fair question. Free to ask. I would say in 2021, for the next several years, having a website is absolutely worth it. If you know how to utilize it correctly, you might be wondering what is, you know, having a website, owning a website. To me, it is owning your name on the internet. So for me, it's Ms. Hq.Com. I also own MSPBA hq.com. How I use it is basically a portfolio of my work, a place on the internet that I own. That is my home.


No matter


The one advantage that you have is when Instagram, Facebook, you know, back in the day, my space, wherever people got their followings, Tik TOK, no matter what you use, wherever you get a lot of traffic,


That platform


Can eventually go away, the algorithm can be changed. So your stuff isn't getting in front of as many people anymore, unless maybe you pay, pay money for ads, right? So the website remains something that is in your control. It is building


Over the long, long long-term.


And again, to me, this has a catalog effect. So you're building a catalog on your website that over time, when somebody decides to do business with you, they


Have all the right tools there to


Be able to see your work. See, you know, the free things that you offer, the different types of services things that really uniquely highlight you. A lot of your free content can be embedded and should be, you know, cataloged on your website. Not just for search purposes, truly for the ability to build a portfolio of your work online then that you have full control over in terms of design. Copy what you want to say, how you want to say what you want to put. So it is a worthwhile pursuit in 2021 because it is very uncertain platforms come and go,


Right? And so how I would recommend


The leveraging, any followings you have on your platforms or the work that you're doing on Instagram and Facebook and LinkedIn take top is to point people back to your website, right? So when you have something that you own like that chances are, you've got a lot of free resources there. You want people to consume your content. If, if to get in touch, where do people get in touch with you? That's a great place to point people to, because it's consistent. Imagine if in a podcast, you know, the appoint people to your Instagram handle five years from now, Instagram, isn't a thing or you've changed. You're not really active on Instagram anymore. Cause Dick talks the new thing or whatever. Instead of that being the main place that you pointed somebody to, if you pointed them to your name.com, it remains something that is getting exposure as time goes on.


So to me, the value of a website is it's in your control. You have a lot of freedom with what you do with it. A lot of your sales and whatnot in the end are eventually going to go down through the website in some form. Yeah. If you set up the right tools, you can save a lot of energy and you can, you can scale these efforts through a website. I hope you can see that having a website isn't necessary for you to keep doing what you're doing, but it is a worthwhile pursuit for you to build one, because think of it as like having a corner shop, having a physical space that you would, this is like having digital real estate, right. It's having a spot on the internet that you truly, oh, so if that's appealing to any way, building a catalog and having systems and automations, then it's probably worth it. If you have any specific questions, definitely drop them in the comments. Make sure you like and subscribe. I appreciate you stopping by thanks so much for watching until next time.

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