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Faith and Fitness w/ Andrea Ager

Andrea Ager opened up my mind to a lot in this conversation. She is apart of the Faith Rx’d HQ staff and runs a chapter in NYC. We go DEEP in this episode. This is a conversation between two people who technically believe in two different ideologies, are at two different places in their faith, but aren’t really that different at all.

The revolving theme here is much needed in a time like today. “How can you strongly have a connection to your faith WHILE being tolerant and respectful of other ideologies and religions?” Not just surface level -- but genuinely accepting people as they are. And what is faith anyways? Why does it seem like “Identifying with one faith almost feels like we’re excluding others who aren’t coming from that sect of religion.”

Mind blowing discussion around the bigger picture IDEAS of faith. This is a dialogue that goes well beyond a 90 minute episode, but I’m super grateful that we had a chance to start pulling on this thread a little bit.

Show Notes:

  • (6:10) - “Come as you are”

  • (13:41) - “Hearing people’s hearts is a privilege”

  • (20:20) - Bigger picture themes -- ”Identifying with one faith almost seems like we’re excluding others who aren’t coming from that sect of religion.”

  • (26:49) - Thought process behind have a strong connection with your faith but being able to respect other ideologies and beliefs

  • (31:30) - Leading by example

  • (38:28) - “Friday Night Truth” -- Being hurt by the church 

  • (45:00) - A story about a girl and suicide 

  • (49:00) - A stranger from the restaurant 

  • (59:35) - Difference between inspiration and motivation

Resources we may have talked about:

How you can connect with Andrea:

  • http://www.andreaager.com

  • YouTube Channel

  • Instagram: @ager_bomb

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