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Fitbot: A Coach's Best Friend For Individual Coaching w/ Casey Jenks

Casey Jenks is the CEO and Co-Founder of The Fitbot. If you ask any coach who pursues individual coaching about their number one tool -- I guarantee you they will say Fitbot. Not only does it allow you to take massive leaps in efficiency, but it also gives you the time and space to focus on delivering value to your clients.

Measure compliance rates, deliver designs, demo videos, take notes during consults, communicate under one roof -- and so much more. If you want to scale your client load without sacrificing quality -- this is the tool you need in your arsenal to become a part of your coaching system. I wanted to get inside the mind of Casey and see what sparked this for him and where we see individualized coaching headed.

Show Notes:

  • (8:35) - First iteration of Fitbot

  • (9:55) - Communicating the value of individualized design

  • (15:42) - Burnout

  • (21:32) - Getting your first client

  • (26:34) - Biggest mistakes

  • (31:15) - Accountability

  • (39:51) - Key business lessons

  • (52:00) - Future of individualized design

Resources we may have talked about:

  • https://thefitbot.com

  • How To Win Friends And Influence People

  • Carl Segan

How you can connect with Casey:

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