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Flexible Dieting, Nutrition Barriers, and Loving Your Own Skin w/ Krissy Mae Cagney

Krissy Mae is such a genuine and amazing human being. She’s battled with substance abuse for over a decade long and is working on a non profit that provides free gym memberships to those struggling with recovery. She is the founder of Doughnuts & Deadlifts, Ello Supply, and Black Iron Gym.

Krissy has had the opportunity to work with an NFL franchise, was voted one of “The 30 Most Inspirational People Under 30” by Dick Talen’s Fitocracy, and is the author of Flexible Dieting (nutrition philosophies that she's used to coach over 10,000 people).

In this episode, some things we chat about:

  • What behaviors hold people back from reaching their full potential with nutrition

  • What to do if you’re chasing a functional aesthetic

  • Backpacking, trends from adopting a plant based diet, business lessons, and more

Show Notes:

  • (3:56) - Road to coaching over 10,000 nutrition clients

  • (6:56) - “What behaviors hold people back from reaching their true potential when it comes to nutrition?”

  • (8:30) - “What is your biggest problem with food and why have you had hang ups in the past?”

  • (9:00) - “Macro Hoarding” and the “Wing It” approach

  • (10:26) - “What happens when you hit the number you wanna see on the scale?”

  • (11:50) - Processes and habits that are staples for success with nutrition

  • (13:21) - The “why” behind switching to a plant based diet

  • (14:45) - Some challenges that came with the switch

  • (16:00) - Trends from the switch

  • (16:45) - Billion dollar question

  • (18:45) - Powerlifting and love for the iron

  • (20:36) - Falling off the wagon. “Are you even gonna remember this in 6 months?”

  • (22:30) - Three pieces of advice for people who want to dial in their nutrition

  • (25:45) - “If I were to open up your fridge, what are some staples I would find?”

  • (27:10) - Morning routine

  • (28:15) - Recommended reading

  • (31:00) - What allows connection with apparel brands

  • (32:35) - Business lessons

  • (34:00) - Backpacking journeys

  • (35:17) - ELLO Supply Co.

  • (37:50) - Using bodybuilding accessory work for a functional aesthetic

  • (43:00) - The holy shit moment that sums up all the other holy shit moments

  • (45:45) - One year to live

  • (47:00) - Biggest influences

  • (48:16) - Non profit for anyone recovering from addiction

  • (51:25) - “Just be fu****g nice to people.”

Resources and people we may have talked about:

How you can connect with Krissy:

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