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Freestyle Calisthenics: The World Is Our Gym w/ Rain Bennett

Rain Bennett is an independent international documentary filmmaker who creates projects focused on cultural or social issues, food, music, art, and health. He created the movie Raise Up: The World Is Our Gym to document the history of the art form and the new age of calisthenics. I'm beyond excited to chat with him today because I strongly believe in building bridges between disciplines to have a cross-exchange of information and ideas. I appreciate the creativity, style, and expression of movement that calisthenics contributes to the fitness community.

Rain does a ton of consulting with businesses around storytelling to help them connect with their audiences and customers. He does a phenomenal job of translating his skillset in filmmaking and storytelling into actionable items for fitness professionals to use in this new age of technology.

Show Notes:

  • (8:50) - Brief history of calisthenics

  • (16:05) - Progressing with skills

  • (24:30) - Creativity in movement

  • (30:30) - Storytelling and filmmaking

  • (34:37) - Character development

  • (37:15) - Using storytelling in business and the fitness industry

  • (46:50) - Uncovering your story

  • (52:07) - Short-form storytelling for social media

  • (1:07:30) - Using video

Resources we may have talked about:

  • Raise Up: The World Is Our Gym

How you can connect with Rain:

  • Instagram: @rainbennett

  • Instagram: @raiseupthemovie

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