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Functional Bodybuilding, Aerobic Development, and Individual Design w/ Marcus Filly

Marcus Filly is back for his 5th appearance on the show! The last time we chatted was when I was about to start ATS 2.0. Since then, I've been really intrigued by the intricacies that go into building an engine, pacing, and learning your gears.

For some of us, it's that time of year. For others, we just want to not die on the Assault Bike (yours truly). Using myself as a case study, we talk about what breathing progressions might look like for long-term development.

Due to heightened interest, we keep the dialogue going around functional bodybuilding and the evolution we've seen over the last 6 months since the birth of the Awaken Training Series.

I measure time in podcast episodes. So this was also a surreal reflection for me from our first episode ever (EP17). Always a fulfilling conversation with this guy. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Show Notes:

  • (9:00) - Awakening beyond fitness gains

  • (18:45) - Learning more about these training principles

  • (23:15) - Aerobic development

  • (39:00) - Testing work capacity

  • (46:45) - Breathing progressions

  • (52:00) - Pacing and learning your gears

  • (56:40) - Individualization

  • (1:13:40) - ATS Educational Experience

  • (1:22:00) - Silence exercise

Resources we may have talked about:

  • #47 – Functional Bodybuilding: Principles Of Training w/ Marcus Filly

  • #34 – Functional Bodybuilding Part Two w/ Marcus Filly

  • #26 – Gut Health, Supplementation, and Nutrient Absorption w/ Marcus Filly

  • #17 – Functional Bodybuilding w/ Marcus Filly

  • Awaken Training Series 1.0

  • Awaken Training Series: Educational Experience

  • Remote Individual Coaching

How you can connect with Marcus:

  • https://revival-strength.com

  • Instagram: @marcusfilly

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