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Functional Bodybuilding Part Two w/ Marcus Filly

My man Marcus Filly is back on the show for his third episode. We got into the concept of functional bodybuilding the first time around, but now we dig deeper into this style of training. Sounds like a catchy term at first, but it’s really the revival of a mindset. A way of thinking about your fitness. You don’t want to miss this one. We also talk about life with his 6 week old daughter, Noa, and the possibilities of him balding.

Marcus pursued a collegiate soccer career at UC Berkeley, where he discovered his passion for what strength training can truly do. He has competed at the Crossfit Games 3x as an Individual and 3x in the Team division. He is the captain of Phoenix Rise, the GRID league champions of 2016. Marcus is also the founder of the supplement company Revive Rx.

Show Notes:

  • (7:05) - What is functional bodybuilding?

  • (12:15) - How to use and balance this style of training throughout the year for competitors vs fitness

  • (16:05) - Balancing out the body

  • (18:30) - You’ll never see bodybuilding in the Open, but here’s how it can help you get better

  • (20:55) - Healing process with Marcus’ shoulders

  • (27:15) - Using the concept of “time under tension”

  • (31:45) - Developing the mind-muscle connection

  • (39:00) - How bodybuilding posing can help you activate certain muscles

  • (42:40) - Programming concepts

  • (48:15) - Variance and progression

Resources we may have talked about:

  • Awaken - Online Group Program (I’m signed up btw, ready to awaken the inner hulk in me)

  • What Marcus eats

  • #17 - Functional Bodybuilding w/ Marcus Filly

  • #26 – Gut Health, Supplementation, and Nutrient Absorption w/ Marcus Filly

How you can connect with Marcus:

  • Instagram: @marcusfilly

  • Revival-strength.com

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