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Gymnastics 101 - Kipping Efficiently, Muscle Up Mistakes, and Handstand Walks w/ Rachel Goldenberg

Rachel Goldenberg is the owner of CrossFit Parallax. She began gymnastics at the age of 3 and competed in college on a Division I NCAA team. Rachel had the opportunity to compete at the 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games in the team division. She’s about to drop some knowledge for both absolute beginners and seasoned athletes.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Getting your first pullup to learning the kip to stringing reps together

  • Fixing the two most common mistakes in the Ring Muscle Up

  • Progressions for the Handstand Walk

Show Notes:

  • How Rachel got into CrossFit (1:00)

  • Skill transfer between gymnastics and CrossFit (3:40)

  • Weaknesses and focused training (7:00)

  • Getting your first strict pullup (9:10)

  • Taking band tension away (10:34)

  • Accessory exercises for pullups (11:54)

  • First step with learning how to kip (13:00)

  • Deviating from the Arch and Hollow body positions (16:26)

  • Stringing together kipping pullups (18:06)

  • Snappy hips in the kip (20:33)

  • Does anything change about the kip now that we’re doing a bar muscle up? (21:47)

  • Kipping in the Toes To Bar (23:25)

  • Mastering the Arch and Hollow positions (25:17)

  • Two common mistakes in the Ring Muscle Up (27:26)

  • Learn to use your hips for a powerful transition in the Ring Muscle Up (29:44)

  • Progressions for the Handstand Walk (31:00)

  • Belly facing vs Back facing the wall for Handstand work (35:00)

  • Gymnastic clinics (36:30)

How you can connect with Rachel:

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