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Higher-Order Thinking w/ Michael Bann

Today we’re joined by Michael Bann. Michael has been the head coach at OPEX Fitness (formerly Optimum Performance Training) since 2014 as well as the expert consultant for The American Center for Natural Medicine, a functional medicine clinic. Before coming to OPEX Michael had been a personal trainer and boot camp instructor, the head strength coach for a law enforcement academy, and an instructor for a strength and conditioning course at Northern Arizona University. He eventually transferred to Arizona State University to study Kinesiology. While studying, he taught anatomy and physiology cadaver labs. Currently, Michael is finishing a graduate degree in kinesiology which he will finish in 2018. Throughout the years he’s travelled around the world seeking a deeper understanding of the human body. Aside from his academic education, he’s a functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner. He has completed courses ranging from FMS as well as SFMA to PRI, DNS, CFSC, Precision Nutrition, and Altis apprenticeship, as well as completed all of EXOS’s performance mentorship courses. I relayed enjoyed hearing Michael’s passion for sharing his knowledge and learning and this was a conversation I really enjoyed. In today’s episode, we talked about how you can take your fitness to the next level using higher-order thinking, emotional and mental health, feeling stuck, chronic pain, creative processes, the ins and outs of the human body, and much more.

Show notes

  • (12:30)-What led you down the rabbit hole of investigating the nervous system?

  • (16:45)- the human body is systems and systems of systems

  • (20:11)- Optimizing systems

  • (21:35)- you can’t biohack your way to success

  • (23:25)- Not an overnight process

  • (24:01)- Chronic pain tends to manifest itself in areas of the body related to emotional pain

  • (30:58)- If you don’t believe you can get better, how are you going to get better

  • (34:10)- building client programs

  • (39:05)- using videos to teach

  • (43:05)- thriving in chaos

  • (52:17)- If I’m going to have lots of money, I want to be surrounded by people that are better than me

  • (58:20)- you can give 2-3 books to every person in the world, what are they?

  • (1:00:27)- Time when you jumped off a cliff and your parachute didn’t open

  • (1:04:00)- You can’t standardize knowledge

  • (1:04:45)- There’s always hope for you to get better

Resources we may have talked about

  • Facing codependence by Pia Mellody

  • Your Journey to Success by Kenny Wise

  • Essentialism by Greg McKeown

  • Peak Performance by Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness

  • The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson

How you can connect with Michael


Facebook Professional: Coach Michael Bann

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