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How Blake Used Podcasting to Get (And Keep) His Dream Client

Updated: Jul 27

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- So I really wanted to understand how can I reduplicate what that client's experience was when she did four hours of the podcast with me to make the experience better. And so the power of recording yourself I've found is so important. So I don't have to continue to repeat myself. So it was really just the conversations that you're having on a regular basis with clients, you're turning into helpful content that can be recorded and used and sent to more people to help more people. So it's creating more change. And it's also allowing my business to grow with me not having to it's scaling me to not have to say the same thing that I know and it's good but at the same time, it helped me understand the value of how many conversations I could be having that I can't have all at once. And so the podcast really allows me to have that creative edge, but also, that scalability to help me grow my business in a way that can help more people, but also expand what I'm trying to give to the health and fitness community.

- Especially because you are also a personal trainer too. So your time is already at a premium, you know what I mean?

- Totally.

- Having an extra conversation and especially the care you want to put into like the first time somebody interacts with you in that whole thing. Like it's a lot, right? So if you can have a series of the best of your greatest hits. Like, Hey, listen to this. That's kind of what you did. What happened with compliance? Because that's also really fascinating to me what you told me about how that client is still crushing it and how that happened.

- Yeah. She's like when I saw it, it's not that I haven't had clients crush it in the first three or four months, but she's just really taken off and it's been, it's been consistently crushing it. And I think a lot of that is she really bought into the four pillars, you know, is what I call her. But like, as she saw that she really gets excited. She comes early, she tracks her sleep, she tracks her steps every day. She's really gotten serious about lowering her sugar intake. And now she's like looking for new mountains to climb like give me more, you know, like, which is what you want. But like, what happens is if clients don't take it seriously and they haven't gotten educated, they can go six months and not master those things and they may get bored. And they're frustrated with you cause they want to move on to greener pastures. And you're like, no, we have to stay here and kind of continue to hone this in. So, and the temptation for me is to not want to lose the client. So I take them to greener pastures. They're not ready for, or, you know I disappoint them greatly because we have not mastered the level that needs to kind of go onto the next one. Its kind of really good, like with PN does, right. PN does like level one and everyone needs to be a level one client but some people want to move into level two and go to level two things, but they're still not doing all the level one things consistently. So they really need to go to level one. And, and that's all of us like that's me included.

- And what you're able to do is those steps. Then pillars that you just mentioned, like you were able to contextualize that in great detail, right? Like how much time, 30 minutes, 60 minutes when you're talking to a client and that makes the conversation. And let's just say there are 10 other things that are essential like that. That would be nice for them to know. Instead of now that taking you six months to deliver through consulting or whatever, you're able to really kind of replicate that by like, you know, in, in just in real-time. So right. Because you can, from it you can capture the best of the best. You can make connections in ways that like you may not even when you're talking directly to that person and then this person could benefit from whatever. So yeah. I love what you're doing. Thanks for sharing that. It's, it's very cool to see.

- Absolutely. One of the other things I've been wrestling with and all that is like, you know, you listen to guys and you read things and you're, you're following stuff. And you're like, well, there's so much content out there. I'll just send them this person's content. It's like, well, they hired me and, and they have a relationship with me and they trust me and they don't really want to get to know who the mark is Philly isn't in California. So like, they really want to get to know me. Talk to me, text me. I'm their coach. I'm the person that's in their life. I'm on the ground with them whether it's remotely or in person. And so what I've found is like instead of sending them constantly other people's stuff like it would feel more personal and more like, Hey I'm coaching you in the ticket serious. If it becomes for me. And that's just something I've found along the way. Cause I used to just send people like things I listened to that were impacting me because these people are like mentors or coaches to me but they're nobody to these other people. They're just a topic or a resource of information. And so what people are really looking for I think is the connection to their coach which is why like you don't make podcasts and websites to get big and famous. You make them to have like tools to connect with your clients better is that makes, makes sense.

- Yes, and I, I just love that you're experiencing all of this because this is ideally what you want podcasting to do if it's for a business purpose, right? So many people go after the downloads and subscribers of those metrics, these types of conversations and the effects on potential clients and connection that it creates that, you know so kudos to you.

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