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How Coaches Can Develop Systems For Handling A Robust Client Load w/ Mike Lee

Mike Lee, of OPEX Fitness, joins us today to talk about how coaches starting out can refine their systems to be able to handle a larger client load with individual design. "In order to grow as a coach, you have to learn how to scale. Scaling is done through a great system of organization and great communication with clients."

You may have heard of Mike's wizardry since he is the coach of Marcus Filly, Tennil Reed, and a host of other elite-level athletes. This episode is valuable because we discuss the obstacles and adversity he faced when he started out as a coach. What were some lessons and challenges from 0-20 clients vs 40+? Regardless of where you are on the coaching continuum, this is one you do not want to miss.

Show Notes:

  • (17:17) - Communication to help enforce lifestyle and nutrition practices

  • (21:45) - Identifying common characteristics of your ideal client

  • (25:35) - Attracting your audience through referrals

  • (30:20) - First encounter conversation with an ideal client

  • (36:01) - Balance between over coaching and giving the client space

  • (39:15) - Differences in coaching females

  • (47:17) - Tracking compliance

  • (56:20) - Time management

  • (1:10:10) - Obstacles that came up with client loads 0-20, 20-40, 40+

Resources we may have talked about:

  • CCP Coach's Course

How you can connect with Mike:

  • https://opexfit.com

  • Instagram: @mikeleeopex

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