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How To Prepare GPP Athletes, Competitors, and Professionals w/ Jacob Wellock

Jacob Wellock is the founder of The Welded Athlete and co-owner of Double Edge Fitness in Reno, Nevada. He’s also Lindsey Valenzuela’s head coach. We had a BLAST nerding out about programming for general fitness vs competitors for the first half of this episode. Building skills, getting stronger, and improving your conditioning at the same time. We talk about the secret sauce that doesn’t really exist. But how do we get as close to that line as possible?

Then we dive into what it takes to prepare a professional. How important is individualized program design? What was the progression and timeline like for Lindsey Valenzuela after she had her baby? What types of movements were complete “no-nos”? When was it time to kick things up a notch? How do you support athletes mentally and emotionally? How do you pull the reigns back? And so much more.

It was truly a pleasure to get inside Jacob’s head. I’ll sum up with a post of his that really resonated with me. After chatting with him, I really believe it’s a representation of how he operates:

“The lion knows it's a lion. It doesn't hide that or change for anyone. The lion also doesn't go around telling all the other animals that it is a lion, all of the other animals already know. Strive to be like the lion. Make your presence known through your actions without having to tell everyone about it. The lion knows how to rest just as easy as it knows how to kill. As an athlete, you should strive to have this mindset. Be like the lion.”

Show Notes:

  • (3:48) - Origins

  • (7:45) - GPP vs Competitive programming

  • (9:33) - How to cater to both as a gym owner

  • (12:37) - Flow of the class workouts

  • (19:15) - Importance of having fun for newcomers

  • (24:55) - Articulating the stimulus you want to achieve

  • (28:30) - Approach to strength training

  • (36:22) - Testing periods and benchmarks

  • (41:15) - Recovery and managing daily stressors

  • (43:10) - How Jacob got connected with Lindsey Valenzuela

  • (49:46) - What were Lindsey’s expectations as an athlete

  • (52:15) - Bridging her back into training after pregnancy

  • (56:07) - What were absolute no-no’s to stay away from after pregnancy

  • (1:00:25) - How to support athletes mentally and physically

  • (1:09:19) - Balancing coaching and competing

  • (1:20:13) - “The lion knows it’s a lion.”

Resources we may have talked about:

  • Welded Athlete Programming

  • Relentless

How you can connect with Jacob:

  • http://doubleedgefitness.com

  • Instagram: @theweldedathlete

  • Instagram: @jacobjw7

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