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How To Take Responsibility For Your Goals w/ Pawel Wencel

Pawel Wencel, is the host and co-creator of Uncharted Performance. He does a phenomenal job seeking out the stories of his guests where he highlights the adversity they’ve had to overcome.

What I found most fascinating in this conversation was the process of thinking that Pawel uses to continually achieve his goals. He has a full time corporate job while pursuing his passion project. It’s very easy to blame time, circumstances, or be paralyzed by the enormity of the task ahead.

How does he take responsibility for what’s most important? How did he break down his vision into actionable steps? What does that structure look like? These concepts are not just limited to side hustles and passion projects. It’s about figuring out how to make time for whatever is most important to you.

Show Notes:

  • (4:40) - Almost getting shot by your best friend

  • (9:03) - Vulnerability

  • (11:44) - Using training to expose limitations

  • (15:11) - Origins of Uncharted Performance

  • (18:52) - Ask

  • (21:33) - Taking responsibility

  • (26:04) - Process for outlining a vision and working backwards

  • (30:08) - Priorities and goals shifting

  • (33:43) - Process of thinking

  • (38:52) - Corporate job

  • (42:14) - Structure for retaining information from books

  • (48:07) - Not believing in positivity

  • (52:25) - Gratitude and perspective

Resources we may have talked about:

  • If you’re in the market for high quality supplements, check out strength.com (10% using code "uncharted")

  • Walking Dead: Booze, a Babe, & the Barbell

  • What is Holding You Back?

  • How We Have Failed At Uncharted Performance

  • The Tim Ferriss Show

  • The School of Greatness w/ Lewis Howes

  • Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History

  • The Art of Non-Conformity

  • The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F***

  • Africa

How you can connect with Pawel:

  • http://unchartedperformance.com

  • YouTube: unchartedperformance

  • Instagram: unchartedperformance

  • Facebook: ReachTheUncharted

  • Twitter: ReachUncharted

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