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Inside The Mind w/ Noah Kagan

Today we're joined by Noah Kagan, who is the Chief Sumo at Sumo, AppSumo, and KingSumo, where he helps entrepreneurs become more successful. He was the 30th employee at Facebook, number 4 at Mint, and also worked at Intel. Noah works to help people be armed with the tools to create systems in online businesses and market themselves more effectively. In today's episode, we talk about maximizing your unique abilities, effectively using time, why Noah values coaching, and so much more.

Show Notes:

  • (3:34)- How do you create things people look forward to

  • (4:29)- Being honest with yourself

  • (7:02)- Challenges to getting started

  • (10:13)- Surround me with support

  • (14:28)- My unique abilities

  • (18:18)- Effectively using time

  • (20:59)- Coaching is an art valued beyond what we see

  • (25:10)- Accountability

  • (31:21)- Coffee Challenge

  • (32:30)- Serendipity and intentionality in learning

  • (34:32)- How do you choose a coach

  • (36:17)- Unlimited opportunity

  • (39:58)- Money doesn’t make you a different person

Resources we may have talked about:

  • https://appsumo.com/

How you can connect with Noah:

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