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Intentionally Building Trust w/ Dr. Sean Pastuch

Dr. Sean from PerformanceCareRx is back on the show! The first half of this episode was very tactical and technical. We reflect on the Open workouts, benefits of carrying, and ideal ratios for general fitness programming. There’s even a protocol for Knee Tendinosis that some of you might find useful. Without a doubt, the light bulb moment in this episode lies around the concept of building trust with your athletes. Whether you are a coach or athlete, hang tight and take notes. I have a strong feeling you’re going to walk away with something actionable from this one.

Show Notes:

  • (4:30) - Reflecting on the Open workouts

  • (8:50) - The role of your ego and mindset during the Open

  • (11:40) - Why Dumbbells in the Open is a great leap forward

  • (15:24) - Ideal ratios for general fitness programming throughout the week

  • (19:46) - Suitcase Carry vs Waiter’s Carry

  • (24:28) - Getting creative with Farmer’s Handles and why you need to get a pair

  • (25:28) - Sandbag Carry

  • (27:30) - Farmer’s Carry

  • (30:06) - Overhead Hold Test

  • (34:50) - What’s happening when your body is shaking

  • (36:14) - Building trust with athletes

  • (46:04) - Affirmations

  • (54:50) - Tendinitis vs Tendinosis

  • (58:55) - A protocol to follow for Knee Tendinosis

  • (1:05:48) - The Active Life Podcast

Resources we may have talked about:

  • Farmer’s Handles

  • Start With Why

  • Daring Greatly

  • The Active Life Podcast

  • Active Life Coach’s Program (Use “AirborneCoach” to get 10% off)

How you can connect with Sean:

  • https://performancecarerx.com

  • http://www.livetheactivelife.com

  • Instagram: @activeliferx

  • Instagram: @bulletproofrx

  • https://www.youtube.com/theactivelife

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