• Misbah Haque

Managing anxiety and overwhelm

I don't know about you, but the thing I've struggled with over the last few months has been turning down the noise.

Mission: Keep my brain from exploding.

When I look at top performers to see how they deal with managing the voice in their head, a theme that will come up over and over is the importance of being present.

"Be in the moment..." they say.

And I can absolutely understand why. When you are in the NOW, you are free from thought. That's what "peace of mind" means. Great things happen here.

I realized what I wanted was "piece from mind."

But it's easier said than done.


A technique that I found helpful is to laser focus on SOUNDS. You can try this at any point in the day. Maybe even now.

Try to observe every single sound that you hear right now. Inside your house. Outside your room. Inside your head. Outside your body.

Focus on the sounds actually interacting with your body. Especially when someone is talking to you. Let their words kind of hit you.

But not like a punch in the face. More like a nice breeze.

A great way to experience this is to listen to a song you really like. You'll get that feeling of sound hitting your body very quickly if you pay attention.

By this point, you've felt the power of sound and your relationship to it. Now we're going to shift our attention to SILENCE.

So focus on the space between sounds. That's where the silence is.

It hides like gum under a desk.

The idea here is that focusing on outer silence actually improves inner silence.

Right now, I am in my apartment in the middle of Philadelphia. I hear myself typing.

I hear my fridge.

I hear cars and their music selection.

Sometimes this guy outside screams ALL day.

Even on weekends.

But there's always still a way to find silence in that chaos.

I assume you will be facing similar circumstances.

So give this a shot and you'll know it works if you:

  • feel more at ease

  • body feels relaxed

  • racings thoughts slow down

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