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MentalityWOD | Rewiring Thought Patterns To Overcome Anything

Dawn Fletcher is another specialist who is fascinated by the power of the mind. She holds a Master’s Degree in Kinesiology with a specialized focus in Sport and Exercise Psychology. She coaches a very select group of Regionals, Games, or competitive athletes who realize the value of using this stuff to gain an edge in their performance.

Dawn has been called “1 of the Top 30 Most Influential Health Bloggers” from a number of places and has been a speaker at the Women’s Strength Summit alongside other amazing leaders like Diane Fu and Julie Foucher.

She writes on many topics like working through anxiety and stress, improving relationships, increasing motivation, and living into your purpose.

Some things we chat about in this episode:

  • Managing fear and other emotions we sometimes hate to experience -- and training yourself to bounce back within seconds

  • Measurable ways to assess your mental strength

  • Tools you can use to push your end limits in every workout

Show Notes:

  • (4:22) - How MentalityWOD got started

  • (6:20) - What usually brings these athletes to you?

  • (7:20) - How strongly does self talk affect you? Where's it stem from? How do you rewire those thoughts?

  • (8:45) - Actionable ways to work on your mental game

  • (11:35) - Difference between the competitor and the everyday exerciser when it comes to mindset

  • (13:00) - Music and arousal levels

  • (15:30) - How to approach a workout to push your end limits

  • (17:00) - Balancing the desire for pushing to high levels of excellence while being content with your progress

  • (19:10) - Fear never goes away for anyone, you get better at managing the turnaround (a measurable way to look at it)

  • (22:00) - Handling mental ruts (where to start)

  • (23:45) - Cultivating calm and peace on a daily basis

  • (25:00) - Using workouts and videos to assess your mental strength progress

  • (29:00) - Biggest influences

  • (31:45) - Something actionable you'd like people to walk away with from this episode

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