• Misbah Haque

Miz Unfiltered: Self Love or Sabotage?

For today’s episode of Miz Unfiltered, I’m joined by Kelsi Gotauco. She is a nutrition coach and a former cheerleader for the New England Patriots. We discuss self-love, sabotage, finding your drive, and much more.

Miz Unfiltered is a series in which we freely explore Miz’s thoughts on almost anything from fitness to anything outside the box.

Resources we may have talked about

#96- Creating A Sustainable Body Image W/ Kelsi Gotauco

Revival Strength

How you can connect with Kelsi

Instagram: @k_taco

Facebook: Kelsi Gutauco

Email: KelsiGotaucoFit@gmail.com

How you can connect with Misbah

Instagram: @airbornemind

Website: Miz HQ

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