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Muscle Stem Cells, Hypertrophy, and Concurrent Training w/ Dr. Kevin Murach

Dr. Kevin Murach is a scientist and researcher who primarily studies muscle stem cells at the University of Kentucky. Today we chat about two areas of his specialty that are a bit controversial in the scientific community -- hypertrophy and concurrent training. What is it? How does it relate to the everyday person? And what has Kevin unpacked up until now? His art is really translating these heavy concepts into something digestible to those of us who aren't scientists.

Show Notes:

  • (7:55) - Choosing a specialization in studying muscle stem cells

  • (10:46) - Studying areas that are controversial

  • (20:48) - Hypertrophy and context

  • (25:15) - What exactly is concurrent training?

  • (29:15) - Hypertrophy and concurrent training for the everyday person

  • (32:55) - Weight loss

  • (42:48) - Relationship between aerobic work and hypertrophy

  • (46:45) - Muscle stem cells

  • (55:00) - Fiber splitting

Resources we may have talked about:

  • Guns, Germs, and Steel

How you can connect w/ Kevin:

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