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Online Marketing 101: For Coaches and Solopreneurs

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

You got into this industry to actually coach and help people. But having to do some form of online marketing is inevitably necessary.

All the jargon for being online makes your head spin.

The key to business in real life is building authentic relationships and having a sensible value exchange for everyone involved.

So being online is no different.

Your homepage is how you greet someone when they walk in the door.

They look out into your facility and marvel at the cleanliness.

This is your blog page, testimonials, etc.

The difference is that online you can leave instantly. This is also what contributes to your bounce rate. The ideal range to be in is 26-40%.

A high bounce rate would indicate that people aren't finding what they came for.

At least in person, you can stand in the discomfort for a little while.

But online, if the words on your page do not effectively communicate the vision in your mind, then you are losing out on potential clients and customers. 

What you say and how you say it becomes really important when you are trying to present an irresistible offer online.

The bright side is that the amount of people available are never ending. You are not limited by the small town you’re in, with people who don’t want your service.

Let's say your website is your main reliable business card. Everything happens here. The experience is set up perfectly for the right person.

We’ve almost set up booby traps for the people who aren’t right for your business.

This saves everyone wasted time, energy, and money.

Do you need to be posting content?

In 2020, there are enough resources available to be able to run a business with only an email list. What that means is you have an intimate relationship with your crew. And you don't necessarily have a giant brand presence to show for it.

This is mainly done through paid advertising. Because we still have to get eyes on your offer. But the benefit of this strategy is that it saves you time and energy. The job of advertising is to place your offer in front of people who actually want it. But it costs more money to reach these people.

Now the other route that most people take is building a presence and brand that is bigger than yourself. This is more work because you are likely creating way more content.

But the benefits are that people will seek you out and this hard work will pay off. It's just a longer game to play if you're ONLY posting on Instagram every day as your main acquisition strategy.

There's no right or wrong option, it's just a personal preference. Here's the common thread between the two marketing strategies:

You will have to create some type of content at regular intervals if you want to succeed online.

So the question becomes: what type of medium do you choose?

  • Podcasting

  • YouTube

  • Blogging

  • Email

  • Instagram

  • TikTok

  • Facebook

If you don't feel confident in any of these, that's totally normal.

Pick ONE medium you're excited to learn more about. Learn how this interacts in the marketing ecosystem of your business.

It’s also something that if you figure out how to set up for yourself in a way that feels almost effortless for you, you will have fun.

Also consider: which format do you want to explore?

  • Written

  • Verbal (Audio)

  • Verbal (Visual)

If you can tolerate at least one format, it will be way easier to be consistent over a long period of time.

This is about building a portfolio.

You do this already with existing clients and customers. But I’m talking more about your library of content. 

Think about how 2 videos, podcasts, or blog posts per month adds up to 24 in a year. 

That’s 24 different opportunities that people now have to take a tour of the chocolate factory.

And you're the guide.

You get to say, “Yo, this is how I make the chocolate.”

“Here’s why I care about cocoa.”

Focus on improving the right markers

Okay let's talk vanity metrics. Likes, comments, and shares are great because they show engagement.

But this does not always translate to more sales.

Remember, Facebook (who also owns Instagram) have segmented people based on their behavior.

So they know who is going to like and share. They also know that those people are not as likely to buy.

That's why they have a campaign objective called Conversions. This is for people who are actually likely to claim an offer like getting a free ebook, a coupon, etc.

This matters because you want to make the most out of your advertising dollars. Going with a lot of default settings when using FB ads is set up for them to profit, not you.

Sure, maybe boosting a post will help you reach "10,000" more people”. 

But a business owner, you are probably more focused on making sure that your marketing is reaching the "right" people so that your impressions have a direct impact on your sales.  

If that’s the case, then here are the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) you should focus on measuring:

  • Traffic - how many people visit your website or landing page

  • Opt-in Rate - people who give you permission to send them more info. (coupons, free trial, etc.)

  • Email Subscribers - your biggest fans who you focus on building a relationship with

  • Sales - the amount of people that convert into a paying customer

The ideal choice is going to differ based on your industry and country, but generally you want a steady drip of traffic.

For ex. 1,000 visitors per month to your website

An average opt-in rate to your free lead generation offer is 5-15%. This means 50-150 subscribers per month.

Let's say you had a 2% conversion rate. That would mean 1-3 sales per month. This is a big deal if you are selling memberships, coaching, or training sessions.

If you charge $170 / month, a great offer with the above numbers would bring in $170-510 / month.

So you can fill in the blank with what your numbers would look like using this example.

Ideally, you are hopping on calls with every lead that comes your way. That's where you are closing the deal. This is the most crucial part. If you don't have an online presence, it's going to be way harder to get someone to pay you this without talking to you.

Your marketing efforts should lead to more conversations

I've found through coaching people that this method of content marketing leads to more fulfilling conversations.

Even if someone goes, "Sorry, I can't work with you right now." You will learn more from these calls that you can apply to your future ones.

As a part of this process, there is built in customer research happening to deepen your understanding of your industry. You'll get to hear your potential clients talk about their obstacles, barriers, and goals.

This type of understanding is what helps you accomplish the following sequence:

  1. Drive more of the right traffic.

  2. Improve your opt-in rate

  3. Increase your e-mail subscribers

  4. Allow for more conversations

  5. Which converts into sales

This 5 part system will allow you to find leaks in parts of the process that can be improved. If your ad isn't converting at the rate you want it to, there's a million things you can do:

  • improve the copy

  • test the design

  • create a new offer

  • find a new audience

  • drive more traffic

  • adapt your follow-up

  • etc

This is the business model that will make marketing way more manageable for you. Especially if your goal is just be able to help people while still having time to chill out on the weekends. There are a bunch of ways to make it even more efficient. But I'm listing the flow that will utilize the best balance of your time, energy, and money.

Need help with marketing?

If you are a coach or gym that can deliver a rockstar customer experience, or are willing to learn how to, I can add grease to your wheel.

I’m offering a marketing audit for small businesses and solopreneurs to highlight the most ripe opportunities to grow, such as:

  • email funnels

  • landing pages

  • sales pages

  • website content

  • ad strategy

  • and more 

These channels can help you communicate your irresistible offers so you can get more leads for your business.

I'm here to help you learn about your options and save you hundreds of painful hours of frustration. Shoot me a message to see if a marketing audit is right for you.

P.S. Here's a free marketing guide I created to help you generate more conversations that convert into sales.

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