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OpenPrep: Practice and Master Your Skills To Stay Ahead Of The Curve w/ Ben Dziwulski

With the Open coming up in just a few weeks, what can you do to get ready? Ben from WODPrep joins me today to talk about how you can separate yourself from thousands by practicing and developing some level of competence in a variety of SKILLS. Ben learned how to coach under Christmas Abbott, is a former affiliate owner, and now lives in Japan. Chances are you’ve seen him around somewhere on the web. He has a video for every painful skill that exercisers strive to master. This episode is packed with tactical and actionable information that you can try out right away.

“Functional fitness is one of the best possible ways to make fitness a lifestyle and not a chore. It consumes you in a healthy way. You care about what you eat. How much sleep you get. Mobility. Everything that’s really important -- you start caring about. If I can convince the world to fall in love with the world of CrossFit, I think the world would be a healthier and happier place.” -- Ben

Some things we chat about:

  • Why helping people go from 0-1 is about more than just achieving a surface level skill

  • Progressions and simple coaching for things like Double Unders, TTB, Muscle Ups, Butterfly Pull Ups, Chest To Bar, and more.

  • Efficiency tips, strategy, and hunches about the Open

Show Notes:

  • (6:15) - Helping people go from 0-1

  • (7:21) - Lessons from interning under Christmas Abbott

  • (10:20) - How to make the most out a cue that you get from your coach

  • (17:15) - Skill development

  • (19:30) - Rep 15 when no one is watching is where you gain credibility with yourself

  • (22:10) - OpenPrep: Double Unders

  • (29:40) - OpenPrep: Ring Muscle Ups

  • (33:04) - The importance of understanding how to stiffen your body

  • (41:00) - OpenPrep: Butterfly Pull Ups and C2B

  • (49:10) - OpenPrep: TTB

  • (53:40) - Hunches, Strategy, and a plan for acquiring those skills

Resources we may have talked about:

  • The Daily Show Book

  • 5 Step TTB Progression

  • Handstand Walks

  • Pistols

  • Double Under Training Course

  • Muscle Up Training

  • Pull Up Training (Strict, Kipping, Butterfly)

  • Handstand Pushup Training

How you can connect with Ben:

  • WODPrep.com

  • YouTube Channel

  • Facebook

  • Instagram: @wodprep

Today’s podcast is brought to you by audible.com. I’m still reading The Daily Show book I mentioned last week. There’s a knowledge bomb that really stood out to me from Jon Stewart and it was, “If your world does not include enough access to different people, and their world does not include enough access to you, you are speaking of ignorance.” I thought that was really fitting for what we’re trying to do on the show here.

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