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Part 1| Bulletproof your creaky knees, wonky hips, and weak ankles w/ Dr. Sean and Dr. Jeremy

If you’ve been living with acute pain and just accepted it as “part of the game” -- this conversation is a great place to start. It won’t replace a practitioner, but you will get quite a few actionable tips and tools you can try at home. Dr. Sean and Dr Jeremy have worked with CF athletes like Brooke Wells, Brooke Ence, Sam Briggs all the way to Olympic caliber athletes. They’ve systemized a strength program that addresses pain for ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, back, and more.

In this episode, some things we talk about:

  • Assessments, exercises, and ratios you can use to find the root of your problem

  • Do you need more flexibility and mobility work? Will couch stretching make your hip flexor tightness disappear? Or do you need to move on? And if so, to what?

  • Why and how would working on one leg or one arm help you get more pullups or a higher squat?

Show Notes:

  • How confident are you that this will work for 10 different people with knee issues? (4:00)

  • What should you look for in a practitioner? (9:00)

  • Why do PTs and Chiros use manual therapy? When is it appropriate? (10:22)

  • Fundamental difference between PTs and Chiropractors (12:20)

  • Why do we feel the sensation of “tightness”? (15:20)

  • What is the root problem? The 3 most common areas to start looking (18:25)

  • Using the assessments (19:16)

  • What place do activation and motor control exercises like glute bridges and wall slides have? When are you ready to move onto things like suitcase deadlifts and carries? (26:00)

  • Knee pain -- where to look, what to do, why? (30:00)

  • Ratio for Deadlift to Back Squat for general population vs elite athletes (33:30)

  • Working on one leg is going to help you get better...here’s how (34:30)

  • Ankles -- two at-home exercises to try (38:00)

  • Misaligned hips -- why are adjustments from your chiropractor not staying there? (41:20)

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