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Part 2 | Save Time By Assessing First Instead Of Guessing w/ Dr. Sean and Dr. Jeremy

This week we continue our conversation with Dr. Sean and Dr. Jeremy from PerformanceCareRx. Athletes -- you will walk away with a systematic understanding on how to be effective and efficient with your time in the gym. Coaches -- you will walk away a little more fluent in movement with a roadmap on how to take your game to the next level. I know you’ll enjoy listening to this one, but more importantly I hope you do something with it.

If you haven't listened to Part 1, click here.

Show Notes:

  • (2:07) - Hip alignment

  • (6:45) - Theories behind adjustments in chiropractic - “How would it stay in place?”

  • (8:50) -  Why PT or Chiropractic may not have worked for you in the past -- the treatment didn’t fit the dysfunction

  • (9:28) - Measuring relevant ranges of motion to truly measure what is working week to week

  • (13:00) - Using short term “feel good” methods while working towards something long term so you don’t have to keep doing quick fixes forever

  • (15:05) - Using heavy holds to build postural stamina and strength through the midline -- PR your Front Squats and Cleans

  • (16:55) - Can you accumulate 2:00 within 3:00 in an Overhead Hold at 110% of your 1RM Strict Press?

  • (17:50) - Tweaking your wrist 

  • (19:12) - Getting out of pronation (overhand grip)

  • (19:57) - The ONE shoulder exercise to start using if you experience tendinosis (chronic pain that feels better once you start moving around)

  • (23:25) - Typical timeframe for how long it takes to start seeing differences

  • (24:45) - “We’re onto something because we were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to listen to other people who were onto something -- and then adapt it for the way we wanted it to work.”

  • (26:40) - What were some really tough moments for you guys behind the scenes?

  • (30:00) - What have you found has given you the most A-HA moments?

  • (34:40) - Tips for upcoming coaches, practitioners, and things that are often left out in formal education/certifications  

  • (38:55) - Biggest influences

  • (40:40) - Non-negotiables that have been vital to success

  • (42:45) - Holy sh** moments

  • (45:50) - If you had one year to live, and you had to start over, what would you do to get back to where you are now?

  • (54:00) - What can an athlete or coach take away from this podcast that will make them better?

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