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Playing The Cards You Are Dealt w/ Bryce Smith

Bryce Smith is back! He is a Coach at Invictus Fitness and a certified EMT and Firefighter with the LAFD. Bryce believes that training should be fun, but that athletes should be motivated to reach their potential. We talk about how Bryce uses adventure to stay motivated and avoid being stuck in a routine. We'll also explore the use of alternative medicine to support a healthy recovery.

The way that Bryce has dealt with the adversity thrown his way is inspiring to me. Be sure to check out the GoFundMe campaign for Bryce's father. You can help support his fight with brain cancer. I hope this conversation moves you as much as it moved me. #smithstrong

Show Notes:

  • (4:42) - Maintaining Positivity

  • (10:04) - Essence of Adventuring

  • (12:59) - Reversing Challenges

  • (23:18) - Changes in conversations

  • (25:40) - Relationship building (21:10)

  • (27:08) - Alternative medicine

  • (32:57) - Results of the supplemental use

  • (35:26) - Mechanical vs. Adventurous

  • (41:33) - The Spinal Wave

  • (43:37) - Moderation of fitness

  • (45:18) - Biggest changes with clients

  • (55:35) Using time wisely

  • (59:10) - Focusing your time

Resources we may have talked about:

  • We Are #SMITHSTRONG - Bryce's GoFundMe Campaign to support the father's recovery

  • #55 - Divorcing The Outcome and Marrying The Process w/ Bryce Smith

  • Spinal Wave

How you can connect with Bryce:

  • Instagram: @therealbrycesmith

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