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Power Monkey Fitness | Level Up Your Gymnastics Skills w/ David Durante

“It can’t be stated enough how important body awareness is to truly appreciate what your body is supposed to be doing within the movement. There’s normally an enormous disconnect between what someone thinks is happening versus what it actually looks like.” - David Durante

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Gaining the ability to move your body at will through the movement as opposed to the movement moving you.

  • Breaking down movements into finer components using the four phases of movement

  • Should prep, wrist, and elbow health

And most importantly I think Dave brings a passionate perspective to gymnastics for CrossFitters. I’m sure you will walk away with a whole new appreciation about the way your body moves.

Show Notes:

  • Background in gymnastics (1:50)

  • Tapping into the CrossFit world (3:33)

  • Origins and evolution of Power Monkey Fitness (5:00)

  • What is the “Ring Thing” aka the Dream Machine? (6:35)

  • Breaking down movements into finer components (7:50)

  • Preferred scaling options for HSPU in a daily class setting (9:37)

  • Leveling up progressions to push advanced athletes (12:35)

  • Hierarchy of movement: Four Phases (13:45)

  • Challenging advanced athletes in areas they don’t see in CF workouts (15:15)

  • Approaching flexibility w/ consistency (15:55)

  • Core work beginning with two vital positions (17:17)

  • Role of eccentric and isometric strength in gymnastics for CF (18:10)

  • The missing link of body awareness (19:12)

  • Why using video for gymnastics is extremely valuable (20:00)

  • General time frame it takes to see improvement (21:55)

  • General Physical Preparedness for gymnastics (23:45)

  • What does the transfer look like in Oly lifts, Power lifts, and metcons?  (26:00)

  • Most common injuries in gymnastics vs gymnastics in CF (27:45)

  • Should health, prep, warm up (29:18)

  • Wrist & elbow pain from gymnastics (31:41)

  • Biggest influences (34:00)

  • Summer camp for adults (37:47)

  • Clinics (40:45)

  • Something Dave doesn’t get asked enough (42:10)

  • 15 minute routine to help your body be more capable for anything you will require of it (44:00)

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