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Program Design Beyond Sets And Reps w/ Mike McGoldrick

Mike McGoldrick is the former co-host of the Barbell Shrugged Podcast. I wanted to reflect back over the past year and see what lessons he can share with us from being a host. He’s competed individually at the CF Games in 2013 and been apart of the New York Rhinos in the GRID league. Mike also helped design the popular Barbell Bikini and Barbell Shredded programs. He’s now a coach at Training Think Tank, where his sole focus is program design.

In this episode, some things we chat about:

  • How to create an experience to keep athletes engaged for a year long program

  • Management of volume and intensity -- more is not always the answer

  • Auditing the outcomes that you want from your goals for more fulfillment

Show Notes:

  • (5:54) - Hockey to Engineering to coaching  

  • (7:22) - Road to designing programs full time  

  • (8:53) - Paying the bills vs Following passion

  • (10:33) - Online education and following your curiosity  

  • (13:26) - Lessons from being a podcast host 

  • (16:00) - Managing volume and intensity 

  • (17:30) - Adding more is not always the answer 

  • (19:00) - The best program is the one with the lowest rate of abandonment

  • (21:20) - How to keep people engaged for one year programs

  • (23:05) - Creating a check in process for yourself to stay accountable 

  • (24:46) - Challenges between individual and group program design 

  • (26:48) - Barbell Bikini, Barbell Shredded, Shrugged Strength Challenge 

  • (28:47) - Figuring out if you want performance or aesthetics and accepting the trade off

  • (29:56) - Improving conditioning and strength at the same time

  • (32:23) - How to do 18 unbroken muscle ups if you’re a heavier dude 

  • (35:10) - Movement quality is usually the biggest limiter

  • (36:28) - There is no one way to relate to how somebody should move their body

  • (37:40) - Gaining confidence through education 

  • (39:24) - Pursuing goals without entitlement 

  • (42:55) - Training in a fasted state 

  • (44:05) - Metcons for body composition 

  • (45:44) - Cope with suffering better for endurance training 

  • (48:49) - Changing the outcomes that you want from your goals

  • (50:45) - What’s the rush?

Resources and people we may have mentioned:

  • Charles Poliquin Online Education

  • Coaching Cues & Barbecues w/ Chad Vaughn and Mike Cerbus

  • How Bad Do You Want It by Matt Fitzgerald

  • The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck by Mark Manson

  • Get Change by Chris Moore

How you can connect with Mike:

  • Mikemcg.com

  • Instagram: @mcgcoaching

  • Trainingthinktank.com

Today’s podcast is brought to you by audible.com — get a FREE audiobook download and 30 Day Free Trial here. I read the book Mike mentioned on the show, The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck. I have to say it's worth another read. 

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