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Pros and Cons of Paid vs Organic Strategies


To Get Eyeballs!!

Hey Folks!! Welcome back to the market with Miz. This is Misbah. And today I'm going to talk about the different types of the two main strategies, right? For marketing, you have paid and you organic. The difference between this is organic means it's free. The benefit with something free, think about Instagram, think about TIk TOK. Think about any of those channels that you post on that gets you eyeballs, right? It might not get you a crazy amount of eyeballs, but it'll get you some eyeballs. And, you know, typically it's going to take a little bit of time for you to see results because you value consistency and you need to be, churning out content, right? If you want to make an organic strategy work for you.


Paid or Free??

Now, the other strategy is paid, which is similar to advertising, right? So Facebook ads, YouTube ads, LinkedIn ads, Instagram ads, etc. Let me break down the principle for you. So you understand why would you even consider this because I've had clients like, who are actually going to click on this. Do you know what I mean? People don't hate ads and the thing is that there is a trade-off between time, energy, money. And when you do organic strategies, so free strategies it takes you more time to post every single day on a couple of different platforms. It takes you a little more energy, but less money because maybe you're doing it yourself.


Some Pros and Some Cons

And you're generating a couple of appointments, from doing that right now for a paid, what there's a trade-off then it saves you energy time, but it costs money. What is the end goal of both of these strategies? The goal is for you to get eyeballs on, you know, what you have to offer or what you're doing or who you are. The purpose of organic and the benefits of it, aside from it just being free is that it helps to create a brand. And the benefits of having a brand is like, when you hop on sales calls with people, there's a this is true in comedy, too, right? People who know you and who have come to see you, who are your fans, are the same people hanging out at the bar that night.


Someone Needs Help

At the Irish pub or the comedy club and people who don't know you they're gonna be there. They don't have the context. They're going to react a little bit differently. You have to anticipate certain objections and things that might come up. So what organic stuff helps is to build a brand. And it's a long-term game. To make an organic, like to have your business rely solely, on organic stuff. It's a long-term game unless you can put a ton of energy into it. Do you know what I mean? Like,uso, but then, the benefit is that you know, you get people coming to you, right. Which is a great place to be. This person needs help. They want to learn from you. They were curious about this. Like that is a usually great conversation with paid strategies.


You Want Them or NOT

What you're doing is essentially getting in front of somebody and getting them to raise your hand. You're saying, Hey, here's what I got to offer. You know, you're copywriting is a skill. Like there are people who specialize in writing just the text of, you know, the ad that you're going to create. Because it's so important, the way that what you offer, it's going to affect the number of people that click on it. The number of people that give you their information. So on and forth, the kinds of people that you're going to attract, right? It's not just your image or video. It's the kind of people you're gonna attract, start with your offer and communicating that. So the benefit is with advertising, you get in front of the people that you want to get in front of.


They Need You

So you want to get in front of 25 to 35-year-old who, just had a newborn and are looking to move or are looking to start up a new fitness program. You want somebody who's interested in weight loss or in muscle and fitness magazines. He wants somebody who has been to zillow.com. You can get in front of them. That's the point. If you can target and get an aside from the job, of people advertising platforms. So Facebook and Instagram, their job is that they detect behaviors. So if somebody likes and comments and shares a lot, there is an engagement campaign or objective for that. Where it will show your thing to people who are known to like comment and share. But if you want people who are in the market to buy, they're considering different options like they're ready, more ready to move.


Put Some Money

Then you would choose a lead generation objective or campaign. And what that allows you to do is; it gets in front of people who are literally they've, their behavior has shown that like they're considering different fitness programs. Like you pop up at the right time, you have the right offer for the right person. They're like, I want more information about this. And then they enter their info. And it’s a series of processes. You need to follow them to get on a call and convert them. But the beautiful thing is once you crack the code, the paid strategy is a system. It's reliable too. You need to put money into it. So that's why I'm like, make sure your organic stuff is you're making it happen.


A Chance

You're focusing on sales and marketing to get cashflow in the door. And then you want to make sure that, you have a budget for paid strategies. Do you know what I mean? Cause it, it takes, you want to give yourself time to learn the process and see how it works for you. Like when somebody is a new salesperson, you want to, as they say, get 30 calls, give them 30 calls to kind of learn the objections, learn the way to talk to this person. The way you're gonna word something. It gives you enough experience to just like that layer of anxiety. So you want to give yourself the same kind of chance to adapt.


Seeking Future

To this page, like this paid acquisition channel you know, with real estate agents, as we get them 50 to a hundred leads per month, guaranteed. Do you know what I mean? And that is 50 to a hundred new conversations that are coming into somebody's pipeline. You do have to go through with volume there are pros and cons to both rights. There are pros and cons to organic. It sounds too paid. And my personal belief is, I focus on a lot of helping people with their paid strategies, right on Facebook and Instagram advertising. That's what my agency specializes in, but I'm not an idiot and I'm not biased to just saying that's the way to do it. I see the value in organic. And I do think longer-term, it's something to invest in. Hence something like this podcast.


Je t’aime (I Love) Podcasting

I love podcasting because it is a free organic paid channel that allows me to connect with people. I have found the people that listen to podcasts as have higher intent. They are more ready to take action. They also develop a relationship with you, which I think is awesome. When you listen to somebody for hours and hours, and I've got probably hundreds, I don't even know hundreds of hours of audio out there at this point, people begin to kind of get your vibe and you become like a friend to them. Just hanging out with them. And I love that feeling from the past few podcasts that I've done. So I want to create that with this. Now here's the thing with a new podcast.


Have Patience

You're not going to overnight start booking appointments from that. It takes time for you to get it going and get the wheels spinning. But there's a long-term payoff of all that extra time and energy that you've put in. Is that constant measures are minimal maybe from a money standpoint, but it generated conversations. You know, people who were like, Hey, I listen to your podcasts a lot. I just love these types of people. You know, so for me, this is a brand thing. It's like, I want people, I want to be transparent and I want people to have something to consume and understand what we do and how we can help. And ultimately I want to give as much free stuff as I can because I have a team, you know it's not just me.



You know we have the capacity to take on clients, but we aren’t like that there's only a limited amount of people that I'm going to be working with. Do you know what I'm saying? There's plenty of fish out there that need help both from a fitness standpoint and from buyers’ & sellers’ standpoint. I want to help in making that connection. You know, I want to be the matchmaker because I know how to do it and I can replicate it. And there's a lot of common mistakes that if you just avoid, it'll save you a lot of time and money. So I wanted to basically break down the two different strategies, paid and organic, and why you would use each of them. You know why you would rely on multiple, right?


You Are The Master

You don't want to get good at one or two at first master, I get consistently get a good one or two channels, but you want several different places. You want five appointments coming from Instagram per week and maybe from Facebook ads. And then, you get maybe like one or two from LinkedIn per week. Or whatever the case might be. So you can predict when something's not working while it's not like your business is done. That's the problem with referrals, when people stop talking about you, your business is over. People who rely on referrals, like sometimes I talk to people who are such like, Yes I get all my business from referrals and I don't need anything else. And it's like, good for you.


Don’t Think Too Much

That is amazing. And I'm happy for you, but what I don't like is the attitude or the closed-mindedness to anything but referrals. Do you know what I'm saying? You are somebody who's never gonna like, do you not want to grow your business? Like if you, if you are getting referrals, that's a great sign. But that also means you know, if you have the capacity to take on new business, why not do an extra one to two new deals per month? You know, if you're doing so well, invest in a new that's the time to invest in a new client acquisition system. And make sure it's working so that when you're like, Oh my God, nobody's talking about me anymore or whatever. Like you have other conversations that are happening. So pros and cons to both the action item that I want to leave you with are; for you to think about what your current strategies and what your current channels are.


What Worked or What Not??

So give it some thought from a paid perspective, have I done any advertising or strategies like that? If you have what didn't work, what worked, and what didn't work because people take note of that. If you know what the problems are, you can overcome them in the future. Same thing I want you to do with organic stuff. So when it comes to any organic strategies you're using, what are you doing right now? Are you posting on Instagram? Are you on LinkedIn? You do handwritten notes. We got a client who does a suit drive. To meet new people and to create connections. It's like, he's a real estate agent.


See You Next Time

There are more efficient ways to use your time. If you know you don't want that to be the person to be the only thing that once a year, you rely on to close that one deal. So think about from an organic standpoint, what are all the free things you're doing, to help with your marketing or to help create more conversations? Feel free. Remember to hit me with any questions you got, you can find me on Instagram and email me at Connect@mizhq.com!! Share the show with somebody you love. I hope this was helpful and will talk to you next time.

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