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Rowing Efficiency, Food Hygiene, and Lifestyle Coaching w/ Brianna Lamb

Brianna Lamb joins us today to talk about rowing efficiency, asking good questions, and her extensive nutrition journey. She's a former NCAA D1 Rower and competitive CrossFit athlete. Brianna is also a coach here at Revival Strength and we get to shine a light on some of the admirable qualities I get to notice about her in that role. I've always wanted to learn more about how to improve my rowing from someone who has a solid background in this discipline. As for nutrition, it's always valuable to chat with someone who has actually TRIED a wide variety of approaches. That gives us some insight on how to steer our own journeys with food in a slightly more efficient manner.

Show Notes:

  • (8:31) - Rowing as a sport vs CF

  • (21:29) - Lifestyle Coaching

  • (25:17) - Listening without judgment

  • (30:08) - Diet experimentations

  • (35:25) - Sugar

  • (38:51) - Establishing a starting point

  • (53:05) - Nutrition coaching

  • (1:00:30) - Frameworks for rowing efficiency

Resources we may have talked about:

  • Apply for Remote Individual Coaching

How you can connect w/ Brianna:

  • Instagram: @briannalamb

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