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Social Media: Friend or Foe?

For today’s episode of Miz Unfiltered, I’m joined by Kenny Kane and Phil White. Kenny Kane was raised in fitness. The house he grew up in was located less than 50 yards from his family’s business: a fitness club. Kenny holds multiple certifications and is a graduate of SealFit’s Kokoro Camp. The practical and spiritual teachings from Kenny’s diverse athletic training have culminated in his context-driven coaching methodology where body, mind, and heart are given equal weight in the portrait of good health. He is a former comedian and lifelong human performance coach. Phil White is an Emmy Nominated author, and co-author of The 17 Hour Fast with Dr Frank Merritt, Waterman 2.0 with Kelly Starrett, Game Changer with Fergus Connolly, and Unplugged with Andy Galpin and Brian Mackenzie. We discuss ways social media fast, using social media for business, frustrations with social media, short-form media, going dark, and much more.

Miz Unfiltered is a series in which we freely explore Miz’s thoughts on almost anything from fitness to anything outside the box.

Topics from today’s discussion

Short-form media

Driving business through social media

30 day social media fast

Frequency of phone checking and screen time

Resources we may have talked about

Revival Strength


The 17 Hour Fast

Waterman 2.0



Essentialism by Greg McKeown

How you can connect with Kenny

Instagram: @thekennykane

Facebook: The Kenny Kane


How you can connect with Phil



How you can connect with Misbah

Instagram: @airbornemind

Website: Miz HQ

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