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Teaching Is A Medium For Sharing Something Bigger w/ James Hobart

This is a special episode for me. James Hobart was the head coach at my CF Level 1 Seminar a few years back. I remember that experience so vividly and James had a huge part to do with that. It was an honor to reconnect with him after following his journey since then.

James is an eight-year CrossFit Games veteran (3 individuals, 5 teams). And he’s the only athlete to have competed on two different Affiliate Cup Champion teams. Beyond his athletic success, he is very down-to-earth and has the gift of being able to teach.

CrossFit is just a medium for him to express that.

I wanted to know about things like what goes into prepping for a kickass seminar? How do you give feedback to people with more experience than you? How did you train for the Games on pretty much two meals a day?!

We also talk about why training has a purpose beyond just competition and how he is filling up this new space with some exciting endeavors. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

Show Notes:

  • (8:00) - Law school to Reebok to CF HQ

  • (16:10) - Perspective on adversity from traveling

  • (19:02) - Competing

  • (21:10) - Coaching

  • (24:20) - Flow state when connecting with others

  • (25:30) - Prepping for the delivery of a seminar

  • (31:20) - Giving feedback to people with more experience than you

  • (36:20) - Filling the void and why training has a purpose beyond the competition

Resources we may have talked about:

How you can connect with James:

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