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The Invictus Mindset w/ CJ Martin

CJ Martin is the coach behind 40+ Games athletes including the likes of Lauren Fisher, Josh Bridges, Rasmus Andersen, and many more.

He specializes in helping athletes prepare for the CrossFit Games, coaching both teams and individuals at Invictus as well as athletes across the United States and United Kingdom through online coaching and program design.

C.J. is fascinated with the role of the cerebral side in sport and fitness, which he actively uses to help his members overcome self doubt and perceived limitations to reach their full potential. The Invictus Mindset originated from everyday conversations that proved to be a vital role for the success of any program.

He is also co-founder of Kids Helping Kids, a non-profit organization that has raised nearly $4 million for neo-natal intensive care and pediatric units throughout Oregon, and he currently serves on the Board of Directors of San Diego Youth Services.

From a securities fraud & litigation lawyer to gym owner to a world renowned coach, we dig into his processes and principles for programming, continually learning, and so much more.

Some things we chat about in this episode:

  • Getting better at weightlifting and CrossFit at the same time without one taking away from the other

  • Actionable nuggets from The Invictus Mindset that the everyday athlete can start using

  • Starting on the same playing field as everyone else, how did C.J. get to where he is now at such an effective and efficient rate?

Show Notes:

  • (4:54) - The transition and processes going from a lawyer to athlete to coach to gym owner to what you see today

  • (8:46) - Coaching everyday athletes and elite competitors

  • (10:52) - Takeaways from Tae Kwon Do that have influenced CJ's coaching

  • (12:35) - Transition from athlete to coach

  • (14:50) - How related are the two roles of being a great coach and athlete?

  • (17:20) - What principles and non-negotiables separate your programming from others?

  • (18:25) - Differences between programming for GPP vs Athletic Development

  • (19:53) - What's going through your head when you sit down at your computer ready to program for an individual or group?

  • (21:40) - Benchmarks for measuring progress and why athletes aren't allowed to worry about what others are doing

  • (23:40) - How do you approach and balance strength work in your programming?

  • (25:25) - Getting better at weightlifting and CrossFit at the same time without one taking away from the other

  • (27:50) - Traditional physiology in textbooks vs what we're seeing is possible with competitive CF today

  • (32:00) - The Invictus Mindset

  • (35:40) - Some nuggets and takeaways from the book that the everyday athlete can try

  • (38:09) - At what point do athletes realize that working on mindset is a game changer?

  • (40:40) - Work-life balance and how it doesn't really exist -- depending on how you're wired

  • (43:30) - "You were on the same playing field as anyone else. Going from law to fitness, how did you progress at such an effective and efficient rate?"

  • (46:10) - $30,000 on coaching education and where he allocated that

  • (47:56) - Recommended reading and favorite books

  • (51:10) - Process for extracting and retaining all the nuggets if you're a voracious reader

  • (53:40) - If you had 1 year to live and had to start over, how would you get back to now?

  • (56:50) - What do you want listeners to take away from this episode?

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