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The Journey Of Leadership w/ Michael Cazayoux

Michael Cazayoux, the founder of Brute Strength, is back on the show! He is the host of the Brute Strength Podcast and runs a coaching company with training programs suited for different goals such as performance and body composition. Today we reflect upon the journey of the last year (since episode #6). We talk about creating time for play, how to choose what to learn next, lessons from marriage, the nuances of leadership, and so much more.

Show Notes:

  • (7:05) - R Factor question

  • (8:57) - Empowering people

  • (11:07) - Creating space

  • (13:07) - How to choose what to learn next

  • (17:10) - Team dynamic at Brute

  • (20:57) - Day to day empowerment

  • (26:05) - Dealing with stress

  • (29:16) - Time management for play

  • (35:14) - Making time for what you value

  • (37:11) - Shifting your mindset around play

  • (40:53) - Lessons from marriage

  • (45:11) - How to be supportive during recovery

  • (49:22) - Affiliate program with Working Against Gravity

Resources we may have talked about:

  • Brute Body

  • Brute Strength Podcast

How you can connect w/ Michael:

  • https://www.brutestrengthtraining.com

  • Instagram: @michaelcazayoux

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