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The Key to Scaling a Personalized Coaching Business


My Perspective

Guys, this is Misbah. Today I am going to talk to you about scaling. One of my favorite topics. I'm going to talk about this from a fitness perspective. Cause I know it'll help a lot of, you know, coaches and trainers out there. I'll tell you my experience with what it was like going from zero clients to, handling up to 70 consistently and the different roadblocks you come across along the way. Zero to five clients is one thing. Five to 10 is another 10 to 20 is another it's like you deal with a whole new set of challenges every time. Maybe sooner. The reason for this is because there are certain deliverables.


Hop-On It

When you take on a client, you've got to think about all the little things that make up. So for a fitness client, when you take on a trial. It's like you take on a trial and, what are you going to do for this person? You got to hop on a demo call, then on an onboarding call and then you got to, set up their assessment, plus then you have to do all of these different things to get them running. Then you're like, okay, you're a fitness coach and doing this online. And, when I was doing online, the thing that we would offer as a consultation, was every month a customized program that was being addressed out for you every week and, nutrition support.


Timing is Everything

So it was the reason I loved that, by the way, what I was doing is because it was a system. And when you can control all the variables in somebody's fitness, you can guarantee, you can create success because there are not four or five different people involved and they're getting nutrition advice here, but, you're killing them with their training over here and it's not aligned. So the thing I got a little sidetracked there, but it's like that you want to figure out is what your deliverables are. What are the tangible things you have to sit down and verbalize or talk like you need to figure out a time, how much time does all of that take? And if you don't know the time, then you've got to time yourself.


All In One

I actually have a notes file for like three years. That has the time of every single program that I've written on there. And I could track how fast & efficient I was. I don't go back at it all the time. But if I need to analyze and use that data. So make sure you understand what your deliverables are for one client. What are you offering them? The next thing they have to consider is variables are the enemy of scaling. So the more variables there are between what you offer or your clients the longer, slower and harder, to scale. In what you offer, you know what I just said, let's say fitness coaching, nutrition coaching, and the lifestyle stuff all in one.


Focus and There You Go!!

Okay. but you also want to do a bunch of other things. Like a one-on-one, a session like a group session, you want to make sure you get a couple of clients in here and you want to do a Facebook group and you want to sell a program there and you want to do this and that. And you do want to build that over time in your business because there's a purpose for that, but it’s nonetheless a variable and it will detract you from the goal of, let's say, getting to 50, 60 clients. So you have to stay focused and you have to minimize the variables of what you offer. Then the next thing you have to minimize the variables of who you are working with.


3’s Three

A classic example like, if you're working with competitors, let's just say, CrossFit athletes. And then you're also working with parents, say, parents who are busy, they have kids, they're trying to fit, working out into their schedule. And, you know, then you've got a third group of people who are looking to get shredded and lose weight. They don't want to do a bodybuilding competition, but they've never really worked out before and they want to really crush it. Those are three different experience levels and three different personalities. Those are three different goals. There are three variables right and they are all maybe totally different. So that is going to slow down your ability to deliver on what you have for them.


Take a Bow

That slows down your ability to do other things. Capacity to take on more clients & marketing, so you want to think about what all these variables are. You got to sit down and got to write it out and jot down what are the different things that make up exactly what you do. I'm talking so small if you got to make a post right. For when you know [inaudible] like, you gotta make a post for when you sold a house or something. I'm talking to real estate agents here. It's like, something as little as that, this listing has been sold. That's a deliverable. That's a part of your flow and process. So you want to take note of that and you want to make sure you account for it when it comes to time.



Now, next thing is, how do you know once you've minimized the variables and if he gets specific and you're like, I'm only working with competitors, Or I'm only working with just the everyday people, the parents are the parents who are looking to, lose weight and, fit it into their busy lives. Now, what you can do is you can go deep dive and understand all the objections that come up with that person and how they think, what they want. That is going to allow you to get more of those clients. You get testimonials to speak to more of those clients brings in more they're easier for you to work with because you've seen all the problems, Or you will like as, and this was the other thing as I encountered problems.


More & Less

Cause you encountered a lot of them you know, setting expectations, different types, like writing a program and then tweaking it. It took too long making it shorter. This is too intense. How do I back it down? You know, make a less complicated, more complicated, make a fun, do all these different things. As you learn, you want to document what's working. I used to specialize in really helping people move around their back pain. Cause I had back pain myself and I spent years struggling with it. So that became a really special area of mine that don't get me wrong. My first 30 clients or whatever, weren't all back pain people. There were a ton of them in there, but you know, there were common themes between them.


They Want Something

They wanted something similar to their fitness. There was certain predictability. To their journey, to them being excited about starting up coaching. And, all the different phases that happen over that first 90 days of the kind of working with you. I'm getting a little off track, but basically, I'm trying to say, you want to minimize the variables as much as you can to scale and you need systems. Scaling is all about systems and organization. So what I mean is that you know, how do you create systems that are working for you in the background? Let's just say a YouTube video is an example of that. A YouTube video is set in there. People are searching for it at work.


Who’s Interested

If you're speaking into it, teaching somebody about, something Quito. It's like, cool. That is happening while you might be sleeping. So that is an example of a system. And another example is, you know, for our real estate clients, we did Facebook ads. And when I do that, that's just one part of our system. There are all these little things that go into the targeting. Then what happens when collecting the information? It sets off these different triggers, texts, you know, my client, Hey, you got a new person. Who's interested. It texts the person who signed up.


Just Hit It!!

Hey, did you send it out for this? Are you interested in looking at the list of homes? And there's a follow-up process, right? It's a countermove to every move that can be thrown at you. When somebody, no shows, do you have a campaign for that where you can just like button them into a thing and it follows up with them. Hey, was it a scheduling conflict? Did you change your mind? Like these are systems that will allow you to scale because, at a certain point, you will not be able to do everything. Sales, marketing, fulfillment retention. If you spend all of your time in fulfillment. Which is you're doing that a little bit.


You Need More

But you got to figure out how to get faster. And the way to do that in your deliverables is by getting a grasp on how long it takes. And if you can manage clients in a faster amount of time, you have room to take on more clients. And let me tell you the secret, I'll tell you what the secret really is for. If you want to go from zero or five to 20 or, 20 to and beyond it is getting yourself more appointments. Whatever you have to do to get on the phone with people, to talk a little bit about their health and fitness, and get them to open up to you. That's how your business is going to grow. You need more appointments and those appointments will turn into like I'm not ready yet, but this sounds really awesome.


You Know……..

I'll be ready in a month. This sounds awesome. I might get my wife on board to or like those appointments are so important at the beginning of your business because you were learning so much from every single one of those calls about yourself, about what you offer, about how you describe, how you communicate, how your potential client, you like working with people you hate working with, you know basically, and the reason I say because if you master this one thing, and, if you master getting appointments, that's like the only thing you need to focus on in the beginning. People were all men will program. Am I going to give them, what do I say next?


It Depends…..

What do I do next? I have a general understanding of the flow of, what you're going to do. But after you do that, you tunnel vision in, on getting more appointments. And the more people you talk to, the more conversations you have, the faster you will grow. It is really a numbers game. You want to get your sales down to like one in seven, right? If you get on seven calls, maybe two of them are no-shows. But if you get on schedule seven appointments, you are going to close one deal. And this is going to be higher or lower, depending on what you sell and how much it's for whatever. Then you need seven appointments in the first place.


Rising from the base

How do I create 21 appointments? So’s what you need to do is create a system to help you generate those conversations & appointments. Whether you're doing it on a freeway, or you're paying somebody else to do it. It's something that's got to get done in order for your business to grow. Of course, a bunch of other things, but that is the foundation of you going from, X amount of client, like 15 to 20 clients. And obviously referrals as well, but you can't just always rely on referrals. Especially if you're a newer coach or agent or whatever, you're just getting started. You need a consistent system. That's a people you don't know at all.


Every day or Every Week

So that's when I would say when it comes to scaling, it's having really organized systems for every little deliverable that you have. I gotta give them an assessment of what are five different types of assessment templates that I can build over time. So five different types of people come to me. Okay. Even if it's a template, doesn't have a crazy amount of information. It makes your brain jumpstart way faster. It makes your brain just kind of settle in. I'll give an example specific to coaches. It's like you writing the rest and reps and the sets in a training program. If you write that from scratch every single day or every single week.



Time and burning your money. What happens is not all of your clients are getting a consistent dose of your creativity. So if that's something that's going to repeat over and over where you're writing eight to 10 reps, you're writing five sets, you're writing 90 seconds rest. Then maybe you should save that version. So that all you got to do is change the movement. Or you got to adjust it. It's not eight, 10, it'll be six to eight. But to me, it's easier to look at a template or something and be like, what's wrong with this for my situation than like, what's great about this because immediately you're like, Oh no, this doesn't make sense for Jeff. He needs 60 seconds of rest. He likes to move a little faster. So then, your brain goes, yep, that's not right.


I love Helping Out

Let's adjust this. And those types of adjustments for me, at least it was a faster system. I developed that. And it was kind of on the go, it's not going to all happen. You don't need to set up a sit-down and think about all of this at once. You kind of developed the system sometimes. You know when that problem comes to deal with that problem and systemize it, save it, how do I deal with this problem? Next time it comes, how do I avoid this problem? Those are the keys to scaling. And making a full-time living from fitness. These principles really, I think apply not just to fitness, but other industries as well, but if you're in the fitness industry, you're a professional. I hope that this helps you out.


Everyone Likes Filling Up

I also have a ton of other episodes on fitness-related stuff at MisbahHq.Com. So make sure to check that out, but yeah, the two things, I just want to leave you with here is if you could wave the magic wand, how many clients would you ideally have or how many deals would you close or how many sales would you get whatever's relevant to your industry? Think about that. And now what I want you to do is I want you to multiply it by the seven. And so you multiply it as seven appointments and look at how many appointments that come out to, okay. It might seem like a lot of appointments, but now that gives you a very tangible goal of what to get. And if you can generate that 10 appointments a week or 15 appointments a week, you can fill up your calendar like that.


Here comes the Process...

You will close deals. And if you're doing 15 calls and you're not closing a deal, or it's not going anywhere moving even to the next step, then that's a sales issue!! There's something that we could adjust how you're talking or communicating on what we're saying, how we're getting these people like that allows you to troubleshoot. But at the end of the day, without those appointments, nothing else in your process & business moves. So you want to get those eyeballs. Eyeballs from paid strategies, free strategies, Instagram Tech-Talk wherever, but what's the point of that? It's to get appointments eventually to get on a call so you can get them interested enough. And so the rest of the process can happen for you.


A Big Thanks

So I just want you to think about that you know, multiplying your ideal number by that seven and just think about for yourself, how do you get those appointments? What are you doing right now? What could you double down on? What are the strategies you heard about or interests you that you could do? And, and it may not happen overnight, but over the next three months, six months, if you can get yourself there, will close more deals. So if you have any questions on this topic, make sure to hit me up at marketwithmiz.com. I hope this was helpful for you all. Thank you so much for listening. I'll see you next time.

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