• Misbah Haque

The Next Chapter (For True Fans Only)

Exactly one year ago, I had contemplated starting the podcast. I tried kicking the thought out of my head for a while because I didn’t think I was ready.

Within two weeks, I dove in and recorded my first 3 episodes. Scared to death. No one listened for quite a while.

To think about what it’s become purely from you all listening and being badass fans — I’m honored.

I also have an exciting announcement to make. All I wanted in my heart when I first started personal training at 18 years old was to make a living out of fitness delivery. I wanted to be a fitness professional. Not a hobbyist. Not a side hustle. A professional. I saw very few people who were able to that.

I'm honored to say that I'm now a Revival Strength Coach. Marcus has given me a platform where I can do exactly that. And I have a deep urge to share that feeling and share information with those who are on this path.

Words can't wrap the emotion I feel around this topic. Because you are doing meaningful, commendable, and admirable work to truly impact people's lives. And you deserve to be able to make a living from this type of work. Long story short, if you're a fitness professional (or one in the making), you'll want to listen to this episode.

Thanks for giving me a platform where I can keep creating a body of work. Talking about things that matter, ideas that work, and dialogue that delivers. This episode is a thank you and direct dialogue to those of you who support my art by listening to the show.

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