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The Pursuit Of Fitness w/ Noah Ohlsen

Noah Ohlsen wore no hair products for this episode. He has made three trips to the Reebok CrossFit Games and is relentless in his pursuit. We talk about all sorts of things in this episode. You can get to know him a little bit better as a human and see how much you might have in common. And don’t worry, we talk plenty of Games prep and training stuff too.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Games prep, strategy in training, and mental aspect of performance

  • Noah’s favorite movies, music, tv shows, and more

  • 4 workouts you can try out that are nasty in just the right ways

Show Notes

  • Wanting to be the ripped dude running on the beach (1:15)

  • When Noah decided to go ALL in (2:40)

  • Going from fan to peer (4:00)

  • Support system (5:00)

  • Choosing which competitions to do throughout the year (6:05)

  • Approach for sharpening the mental aspect of performance (8:00)

  • “You need to get a little stronger” (11:20)

  • Exposure to weightlifting meets to sharpen your mental game (13:42)

  • Injury prevention (14:55)

  • Noah’s breakfast (16:13)

  • Supplements (17:30)

  • Milk and desserts  (19:05)

  • Favorite things to do when Noah’s not training (21:45)

  • Music: favorite genre, artists (23:25)

  • Movies (24:50)

  • Tv Shows (26:15)

  • Training partners (28:30)

  • Maximus Ohlsen for President (29:30)

  • Habits, processes, non-negotiables (30:25)

  • Workouts for you to try (32:30)

  • If you had to start over, and had only 1 year to live, what would you do to make it back to where you are now? (35:20)

  • Biggest influences (36:30)

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